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About this product

Do you want to try managing traffic in cities? Now it's possible in Tiny Roads.

Tiny Roads description

Tiny Roads is a game about managing traffic in various cities of the planet. Avoid accidents and maintain order. A large number of levels are available to you from simple to complex.

• Interesting gameplay
• Beautiful levels
• Variety of levels
• Pleasant soundtracks
And much more

The rules of the game are as simple as possible:
You can control traffic lights on the roads. Traffic light colors mean:
Red: All vehicles are still standing. Drivers don't like to wait at traffic lights for long periods of time, so try not to create traffic jams.
Yellow: It can be activated by one click on the traffic light. Only one car passes this color, after which the yellow color automatically changes to red. We consider yellow to be the safest way to play.
Green: To activate it, you need to double-click on the traffic light. All cars pass on green. To switch from green to red, you need to press the traffic light once.

Endless Mode: Try your skill in Endless Mode.
The name speaks for itself, the mode has no end, only the road and you. Compete with friends and set records!

If you have questions or suggestions, you can write it to [email protected]
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