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The Freelancer Office - Time Tracking - Invoice Generator - Reports - Charts

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9 ratings

Timewarp - Timesheets description

Timewarp offers all possibilities to record your working time quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the month you automatically create all invoices for your customers. For each project an invoice is generated for all not yet invoiced hours of a month. You can also generate several invoices per month.

Timewarp places a high value on the security of your data. You can specify if and how often the data is synchronized with the Timewarp server. This allows you to synchronize data between multiple smartphones, tablets or smartwatches.

You can record new working hours in many ways:

- on the home screen with the "Start" button, preselected is your last task
- in the working hours list with the +, also preselected with the last task
- long pressing in the list will start a new working time for this task
- You can put individual activities as a widget on the start screen of your smartphone
- or with Android 8 and higher by long pressing the app icon

Management of master data:

- Customer
- Contacts
- Projects
- Tasks
- Working hours
- Vehicles
- driver's logbook
- Invoices
- Cost management


- Various line, pie and bar charts
- Sales / hours by year, quarter, month, week, day
- Evaluation of customers and projects
- Evaluations of invoices and costs
- Year comparisons

Driver's logbook:

- Automatic recording of trips using GPS
- Detailed logging
- Vehicle Administration


- Synchronization of all data with the Timewarp Cloud
- Synchronization via several terminals
- As a result, securing your data in the German data center


- Automatic generation of invoices
- Print and mail Invoices
- Generate QR-Code with payment data
- Support of digital invoices (XRechnung and Factur-X)


- Automatic generation of timesheets (PDF)
- Logbook list
- Travel Expenses

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