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Tickle Score Attack!
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Tickle Score Attack! 2.2 apk, update on 2018-03-08
Tickle their feet in the right tickle spot to increase your score, but be careful, the higher your score gets the faster the tickle spot moves. If you can manager to get a score of 5000 you win the stage! There are lots of stages to try!

Also includes a freeplay mode if you just want to tickle feet and see the laughing reaction in a relaxed setting without the pressure of getting a high score.

Tickle Score Attack! APK reviews

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Nick Milke review Nick Milke
Very Good Tickling App
This is by far one of the best apps I have found. Some of the girls aren't great, but all of their reactions are amazing and fun. Well worth the price for the other stages! EDIT: The score stages do not work for the new content.
Dimitrius Mendez review Dimitrius Mendez
Very good
It was my old phone that messed up, can you make more available stages
Ali Ahmed review Ali Ahmed
Best tickle game ever
The way they laugh isfunny
Pokemon master 101 bossness review Pokemon master 101 bossness
Tickle master 101
Can you do a update for more girls feet tickle and were you can both of the girls feet
Ed Knight review Ed Knight
This is one of the best tickling apps I've played.
Nic Weaver review Nic Weaver
Get some girls with better feet. These girl's feet are subpar at best
Christian Pagani review Christian Pagani
It's pretty good overall, though I just downloaded two new girls after the update and neither one works at the moment. I hope it's fixed soon.
Kenyen Jordan review Kenyen Jordan
Just but more than for girls
Darren Gilbert review Darren Gilbert
I liked it at first. It works just fine on my device. But it tends to be annoying and boring after awhile. I would like to see a model with socks on, that would let the user take them off and tickle them as an option.
Love it but i wish i didnt have to pay for most of them and i wish you could do more then just tickle
Alfred Mosely review Alfred Mosely
What I like about this game is that you get to tickle women's feet. However, the point scoring seems pointless unless there is something to gain such as unlocking new models. Also there could be more diversity ie black, Asian, Indian etc. My final point is that some of the models acting is not convincing, and that makes me hesitate to purchase.
Centurian review Centurian
It's a great game but the point score business is a bit pointless there's no reward for it and just generally waiting for an up date other than that it's a good game.
Walter Mercado review Walter Mercado
Just purchased the Holly and Jane stages, and neither of them work. At all. In fact, the Isabella stage no longer works either. This app just robbed me. You need to fix this right pronto.
Silent Khaos review Silent Khaos
Would there be any way to include a preview of the girls' reactions in the paid stages? Because as is, the odds of me spending real money is low when, going by Kate's stage for example, I'm chancing some pretty terrible reactions that aren't worth it.
Jaih Wilks review Jaih Wilks
Had to download to play the actuall game, first download no problem 2nd bricked my phone. No response. I almost had to hard reset my phone. Not happy.