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Throw2Rio 1.0.30 apk, update on 2016-08-11
Javelin throwing in a brand new style. Stay on green, run as fast as you can and make a perfect throw.
Win medals, gain experience, improve your skills, beat the world record and your friends!

Let's feel like in Rio during Olympics - simply throw as far as you can, Throw 2 Rio!

Throw2Rio APK reviews

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Pradeep Sharma review Pradeep Sharma
Great time pass.. There a little bug in it. Whule playing if any message comes (like whatsap msg), the games sounds gets muted. Please fix it.
Pedro Domingues review Pedro Domingues
Its a great game I just don't get it how does the first place has an record of 230. 3 sure he cheated because I'm stuck in 138. 9
Michael Mauldin review Michael Mauldin
U could do something a little easier than the meter
Manoj Kumar Maharana review Manoj Kumar Maharana
I'm playing day and night but didn't cross 140+ then how come 230.3???!!! Admin is there any trick or cheat ???!
Sardar Baljeet Singh review Sardar Baljeet Singh
plz add feacture multiplayer that a double fun in maltiplayer
Fliss Stevens review Fliss Stevens
The run up controls are so retarded and make the game 10000000 times harder to play and it's so annoying other than that it is a good game
blade s review blade s
I think it would be awso.e if u could add tournaments and it would be cool if u could buy better javalines and buy upgrades to slow down the meter so it could be easier to get it in the green
Garry Hillhouse review Garry Hillhouse
Ads pop up while actually playing which is more than a bit annoying...
Braydon Ryan review Braydon Ryan
Should deffinately put some kind of coin system in it where you can unlock other spears or characters and the meter needs to change
Deepak Sharma review Deepak Sharma
Kindly improve your app
Jane Robinson review Jane Robinson
Bitchiest game ever it is horrible
X Gamer review X Gamer
My record is 300.00
Graeme Jarvie review Graeme Jarvie
Terrible controls.
Shrikant S. review Shrikant S.
World record 230+ HOW ??
Aman Diwakar review Aman Diwakar
What does the meter in the top right indicate!? HELP ME!!