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The Big Capitalist 1.4.0 apk, update on 2018-08-10
Welcome to The Big Capitalist, our Young & Ambitious business investors!
You are in the right place to fulfill your craving of establishing and expanding businesses, and to become the world greatest capitalist!

Start your worldwide monopoly enterprise from the most basic product - wheat. You can accumulate capitals by clicking to produce more wheat, and by investing your money to other industries.

In this idle game, the only thing you need to do is clicking, clicking, clicking, and then watching your capital growing rapidly.

*Yes, it’s your chance to pay less and win the world!*

There will be more opportunities and challenges waiting for you in Big Capitalist! You can hire managers to help administrating businesses, or introduce new technologies to boost profits; and more to discover!

To be the Oil Tycoon or Federal President? That’s not a question! With Big Capitalist, you can dream big to win big, and take the world in your hand!

The Big Capitalist APK reviews

Luca Guarascio review Luca Guarascio
I would have rated higher but I purchased gems and I never got them.
MuJaWoW GM review MuJaWoW GM
Nice game
A Google user review A Google user
Agar Pro And More!! review Agar Pro And More!!
Addictive game. Love it I can play it when I'm bored!!! Best game if bored I've played! I rate 5 stars and recommend you play this if your bored or need games and if want another bored game install or download adventure capitalist similar to this game Again love it 5 stars And I want gems -_-
Bianca joubert review Bianca joubert
Just installed the game "so great" everyone says... As soon as i open the game it loads and magically closes... so disappointed WHAT A WASTE
Malaysian Lad review Malaysian Lad
Funny game actually. If only making money was that easy. Meaningless but at least it's something to pass the time lol
White Dragon Raider review White Dragon Raider
Giving diamonds if you vote with5 star. So bad.
bigbull vlogs review bigbull vlogs
Bot bad its fun and all but after a while it gets boring
Justinas eww review Justinas eww
i did this only for gems actually this game is peace of shiet
steven white review steven white
Too Many religious ads if I see one more out about a Bible study I will delete this app not everyone believes in a crazy ass god
Ruben Fernandez review Ruben Fernandez
It is a game that you can take time to do things with it.
A Google user review A Google user
Sometimes I have nothing to do so I just leave
Michael Williamson review Michael Williamson
Would be better if trump wasn't in the game but other than that it's very addictive
A Google user review A Google user
Install this you won't regret it and i think it's a pretty good game not as good as other that's why I didn't give full stars
A Google user review A Google user
Its so goot four spoons salty tomato new pc ok its good ill stap 2 forks
A Google user review A Google user
I can't stop playing it❤😍
Kim Scannell review Kim Scannell
It's REALLY amazing! Better than any game I have EVER played
John Lanier review John Lanier
Just for da jems my dude
Laurise Alarcon review Laurise Alarcon
OMG This is very fun to play!
Frenchies design review Frenchies design
Sympa pour faire passer le temps
William Cunningham review William Cunningham
Art reminds me of family guy lol
Unspeakable gaming review Unspeakable gaming
It's very funny fun and addicting
Savonne Bassett review Savonne Bassett
5starating Get the Star then the rating
Jon Meaders review Jon Meaders
Forces you to view ads and is janky
Ivan Marinkovic review Ivan Marinkovic
good but it gets bored overtime
Frank Lahache review Frank Lahache
Great way to waste time on the bus
Holley Gamble review Holley Gamble
Its ok i just started
Bubby Phillips review Bubby Phillips
It what ive been lookinh for
Christian Leak-Hackett review Christian Leak-Hackett
This game is Amazing! I recommend this for all 10 and up players
Amber Crawford review Amber Crawford
I loved this game
A Google user review A Google user
amazing tycoon game fun to play and a good time waster
A Google user review A Google user
It's actually addicting
ayoub habib review ayoub habib
Could use more companies but otherwise a great game
A Google user review A Google user
Love thus game (just did it for the free gemsXD)
A Google user review A Google user
It is really satifiying
crystal free review crystal free
Its ok to play
love Me review love Me
Good but boring
killernotgameing TG review killernotgameing TG
I lov. It
A Google user review A Google user
Kaya aku Kaya Game
Nathan Mitchell review Nathan Mitchell
Did it for the vine.