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About this product

Use ChatGPT AI instantly wherever you type

AiFy: GPT AI Chat Bot description

Access Chat GPT from any app on your device and get instant responses to your prompts.

Main features:
✅ Use ChatGPT instantly everywhere you want 🔥
✅ Talk to AI with voice 😍
✅ Keep a History of your responses 💪
✅ Option for using your own API key to remove ads and exceed the token limit 🫡

How to Use?
1. Select the text anywhere (on any app)
2. In more options press AiFy to get the response and instantly place it where you were typing 🔥

Unleash the power of AI with AiFy - the ultimate writing assistant for Android.
Whether you're a writer, marketer, student, or anyone looking for inspiration,
content ideas, or writing help, AiFy has got you covered. Write emails, social media posts, articles, and more easily using the latest artificial intelligence technology.

If you are not sure where to get started here are some of the prompts:
👉 "Send an email requesting prompter action from recipients."
👉 "Create a poem or song explaining quantum computing and the future of artificial intelligence for ten-year-old children. The song should have a distinct personality and characteristics for each performer and punctuation"
👉 "Can you forecast new business ideas without funding?"
👉 "Teach me the Pythagorean theorem and give me a quiz"
👉 "Write yourself a letter from the future."
👉 "Write infinite loop in Python while printing the text Hello World"
👉 "Explain E=mc^2 in detail"
👉 "Suggest me some good movies"
👉 "Tell me jokes about ***"
and many more 🤖

AiFy is best for knowledge and educational purposes as we use ChatGPT 3 services for providing you with the best knowledge possible.

Download AiFy today and start creating content and using artificial intelligence models as a pro, which are backed by Chat GPT. However AiFy is still in its early stages, so feedback is highly appreciated.
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