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Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe 1.6.7 apk, update on 2017-07-12
Top-rated Poker App on Facebook!
FASTEST growing Poker App on Android!

Texas Hold'Em Poker Deluxe offers classic gameplay, full Facebook compatibility and an active community. Compete against over 16 million other players on Facebook, iPad, iPhone, and Android. It's exciting Las Vegas style poker on the go!

Join now and receive $30,000 in chips for FREE!

Game Features:
* FREE daily gifts and chip bonuses
* 1-click access to 100's of tables
* 5 to 9 person Poker tables
* Sit-n-Go Tournaments
* Shootout Tournaments
* Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos
* Simple interface that's easy to navigate
* Personalized profile and buddy lists
* Fast registration via Facebook Connect (optional)
* Live in-game chat and animated emoticons
* Plenty of gifts, snacks, and drinks to share with others
* Unlock special prizes in the Facebook App (English, Turkish, Thai and Spanish only)

And more is coming soon....!

Texas Hold'Em Poker Deluxe is a great way to meet new Poker pals and connect with Facebook friends! And we're more global than ever now, offering our game in different languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, 日本语, 繁體中文!

For more information or to tell us what you think, visit our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/bzbeepoker


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Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe APK reviews

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Bud Vincent review Bud Vincent
Android 7.0 not supported
This was the best poker site I had found till I installed the latest version of Android (7.0). It works fine on my old tablet which uses Android 5.1.1, but my new phone and tablet use 7.0. Apparently Poker Deluxe has no intention of fixing the problem because it has been over a month since I notified them about this. Too bad, because otherwise it's the best poker site I've tried.
Phillip Griffin review Phillip Griffin
The tables are great and the ability to get free chips is nice. Also the bonuses daily are cool plus you gain them while you play with a timer. The biggest issues are if you need or try to resolve an issue by going to "contact" us, the issues don't all fall under the choices in the drop down. Very addictive game.
faraz khalid review faraz khalid
Best poker game cercuit
It has so many actve player's 24/7 that makes it the best thing. But one thing I must say that there shouldn't be a limit for buddies deleting someone to add another is something not a good feeling. U have millions of players. Think about it.
Brian Kabubii review Brian Kabubii
Bug or scam?
I cannot remember the last time I even had a POTENTIAL winning hand. At least 100 plays so far and absolutely nothing. I'm doubtful that this is simply bad luck on my part, and it's probably caused by the game system. So after ~4 years of playing this game, I'm done.
Timothy Peter review Timothy Peter
Good game
Been enjoying this. But now nost pictures of players and friends I can't see, on google Facebook and other format. Just blank which kind of puts you off playing. Can this be fixed or is it something I am blocking to prevent seeing friends faces or pictures?
Site is rigged
I play poker for a living. I thought i would try this app for some free fun. I played 1968 hands strictly at 5 seat tables. My win percentage was a mere 9%. If you know anything at all about holdem, then you know that this is statistically impossible with a straight deck. I once went 47 hands straight without being dealt a winner. Even a dolt who plays every hand will win 17 to 19% by dumb luck. Be very wary of this site. Average players will win 20 to 21% and people who play for a living 24%
I would never buy chips and pay real money to win fake money. The constant pop up ads to get money are extremely annoying. Having the option to buy chips may be nice but being constantly hounded for it is why I am leaving this ap
Mahogany Butterfly review Mahogany Butterfly
Igg stole my chips. If you don't like black people, just be honest. My account is locked. I have been playing for years. I follow all rules and regulations. I have $1 billion chips that I've earned over the years with hours invested. I am a loyal member.
Sumit Loura review Sumit Loura
nice game to kill time playing since 2012 . i open my acc i have 20+ bil chip but they all r gone it shows 0 chip in my acc i contact igg they say they can solve this in 1 working day its 18 th day today and they still investigate remmember i m a level 6 vip and they give a faster service to vip players. after 18 days they always reply that investigation running.this is igg for u on best services to vip. how can they manage to those players who r not vip many tags all around on tables if smbody doing tag with u and u loose thats gd for igg but a player who play poker not valuable for him they want u to buy again and again frustrate u so so long after 18 day they dont even tell me wt wrong i can do,who take my chip nothing ....... ....
Alan Perry review Alan Perry
I honestly think that this game is really very cheesy I've never seen a person lose a hand with some of the cards that I've had it's almost like if I'm the only black man cuz my picture there I never win it feels as if it's Prejudice to me you asked for my opinion I'm giving it to you
Mike Jines review Mike Jines
I use to love it but lately its been straight headaches it doesn't give me my bonuses when its suppose to takes my money for no reason to many problems to list but I'm about to uninstall it and that's crazy cause i use to love it
Grady D review Grady D
Please make the game compatible with android tablet. I would spend money on it if I could play it on my tablet.
Poison_HanLid S review Poison_HanLid S
Loved it but disappointed
I play long time ago but 1 day wen i open my acct using google i cant open it anymore..i contacted da help.poker,after i contact its telling dat i cant open my acct anymore,so how about my chips inside thr??it will be lost like bubbles???dats y some of my friend tell me dat poker deluxe is da one who get da chips in player acct by telling somebody hack da acct..we pay real money wen we buy chips so pls dont simply blocked it...
Deborah Johnson review Deborah Johnson
Cheats.DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Takes u out of room when winning so u lose all your chips in sit and go. I complained and was told it's because you folded 3 times in a row. This game is RIGGED.
Shaun Johnson review Shaun Johnson