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About this product

Clean junk, file manage, boost and optimize your Android phone

Tera Files - Cleaner & Booster description

Tera Files is a powerful and free tool that helps you:
1. ⏩ File Manager: Analyze files to get more space
2. 🧹 Junk Cleaner: to clean cache and junk files to free up space
3. 🚀 Phone Booster: Boost speed to keep phone running smooth
4. 🔍 File Search: Browse and find files faster

What can Tera Files do?

• File Manager:
Save time looking for files, photos, and videos. Search and browser that helps you find what you're looking for.

• Junk Cleaner:
Just one tap to delete useless caches and junk, free up more space quickly. It can help you remove duplicate files and photos.

• Phone Booster:
By optimizing CPU memory, you can regularly boost your phone by closing resource-draining apps and getting more storage immediately.

• File Search:
Search files and find them with filters and browsers. View, create, delete, move, and rename any files.

• Storage Analysis:
Tera Files can help you scan storage space and help you see what takes up your space storage and clean up targeted.

• App Manager:
You can view and manage all apps installed or uninstalled on your phone, and manage and clean up unused apps and app caches.

Thanks for downloading Tera Files : )
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