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About this product

Keyless access to doors, cabinets, enclosures with your mobile device!

Teleporte description

Teleporte allows you to use your mobile device for keyless access to unlock doors, cabinets, and industrial enclosures of all types!

Teleporte is the only platform to enable high security smart-locks for Enterprise. The dedicated cloud-based server offers your company the ease of wirelessly distributing 192-bit signed keys to your employees/contractors, while providing you with the complete control to monitor and log access to your assets.

For customers who want to scale their enterprise's security system to cabinets and buildings that don't have the wiring and networking needed to control access -- Teleporte is the answer -- let the mobile device do the networking for you!

Employees can download this application to access your enterprise-controlled smart-locks -- you just need to provide them with the electronic key!

Find out more at: www.sera4.com
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