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About this product

Rapid grocery delivery is here. From our app to your door in just minutes.

Teddy - Fast Grocery Delivery description

Install the Teddy app now for groceries and drinks delivered in minutes.

Support local, save the environment, save some pingas, get deliciousness and get some precious time back to spend however you please.

Why Teddy?
⏱ Fast delivery - who doesn’t want more time back in their lives? Let us take care of the shopping so you can get on with stuff.
🍎 Hundreds of products - access to hundreds of your favourite products from your favourite brands right at your fingertips.
🙂 Easy shopping - simple and intuitive app. Built for speed like us, easy registration, easy purchase flow.
👥 Real people - your groceries are delivered by local drivers. Our people are our heroes and receive all the benefits that come with employment - including being shareholders of the company.
🌏 Environment - we try to get your food to you in the most environmentally friendly way possible …full electric ...full awesomeness.
🗑 Reduce waste - you only buy what you need. Buy more regularly smaller and when you need it, use more of it, be more sustainable, produce less waste.
🥝 Proudly Aotearoians (think just made up a word) - we are Kiwi owned and operated (yes, we pay tax) - every order you make means you’re supporting local.

Our Teddy Heroes are ready to serve - download the app now!
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