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Calculate the taxi fare using the device's GPS.

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Taxi Fare GPS description

Our GPS taxi fare allows you to estimate the cost of a trip in a taxi-type vehicle using your cell phone. Initially, some cities in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States were preconfigured, but you can create your own city.

It has the following features:

* Calculation of the fare of the tour both in units and in price
* Customizable surcharges
* Trip summary
* Rate calculator
* Trip history
* Generate the receipt of the trip in PDF
* Share position in real time
* Create custom rates
* Notification with cost of the race
* Saving in the profile of the history of trips

If you have doubts about whether a meter is adulterated, you can try to see the approximate value that you should be charged in your city.

If you are a driver, you can estimate the cost that you should charge the passenger.

Send us the details of the rates that you would like us to include in the application or if you see that we need to update any of them.
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