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Taxi Game 2.0.0 apk, update on 2020-08-11
Taxi Game Revolution

Good news! Here's the updated Taxi Game with better graphics, better gameplay and overall better player experience.
We have also added London taxi so now you can choose which cab you want to drive! Taxi games leader is back on its way to the top simulator games! It's free and much better than the most new games.

You must be a fan of the driving games. We assume that you're crazy about parking games as well. If so, this taxi game is one of the games that you need! Try to become a taxi driver in one of the best taxi simulator.
Race your car through the city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations.
In your taxi cab you can drive faster than in the other simulator games so be careful! Duty driving is not that easy. Watch out for the traffic - don't hit any cars or people crossing.

There are many taxi games in the Google Play store but this one is the top game. You can driving around the city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. Look around - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your taxi, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer in this top simulator game.

Taxi Game features:

- Car selection
- Dispatch calls
- Road navigation (simulated GPS)
- Full 3D large environment
- Smooth controls optimized for taxi sim
- Drive the passengers to their destinations
- Many different routes across the city
- One of the best games in the store
- Offline game (no wi-fi or internet needed)

What does this game have that other games don't:

- Bright colorful graphic style
- Well made optimization for older mobiles
- Unique unlocking method of new cars
- Interior view with animated hands on the wheel
- Speed limiter and nitro boost

If you're disappointed with new games, get the solid classic. As all top games, this one gives you the real enjoyment. Master your driving skills in one of the best taxi games!

Taxi Game APK reviews

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Fiona Odiase review Fiona Odiase
Add more levels deleting the app now???????
Dinesh Shetty review Dinesh Shetty
I did not like it
Rahul Verma review Rahul Verma
Dont even deserve 1 star
Really bad game... Worst... Very easy.. Only 15 levels.... No curves... Small missions... No traffic... No graphics..
Lexi Baby review Lexi Baby
Heck no
It has way to many ads popping up and I couldn't even play because It had those ads y!..
prushothaman a review prushothaman a
Nice game
Very gud game but level is too low need improve ment so many levels add plz....
Priyanshi Mangla review Priyanshi Mangla
It was a vry gud game but d thing I don't like was there were only 16 levels so pls c 2 it
raven govender review raven govender
Hate it
Worst game no curves to many ads popping up worst
Lorali Hamman review Lorali Hamman
The pics make it look better.
It's cool, and relaxing..
Charles Ratliff review Charles Ratliff
WAY too many ads. play 30 seconds, then watch a one minute ad. Dont really know if i would like the game or not, i never got to play much of it, spent most of my time watching and trying to closeout ads.
Too many ad's, it's hard to control the car, and overall the game is really boring. If the creator want to be successful, they have to make a game that is easy to play and not boring. I would be surprised if even one person actually liked this.
Little Stars! review Little Stars!
I thoughgbthis game was pretty good but there were too many add after every level, I completed the whole game in ten minutes there are only 16 levels! And it goes in a giant loop so it's pretty boring!
rick fox review rick fox
Way too many ads... After every third level would almost be alright or even have the levels last longer. I was watching ads more then I was playing the game... Uninstalling and would recommend looking for any other taxi game!
Luciano Guerra review Luciano Guerra
It's a good game. But if you are a guy. You keep looking for the hour glass figure in the advertising in violet. She shows up in tan short. But it's a good game, marker in the middle of the hood makes it difficult to stay on the road.
Celia Garner review Celia Garner
Straight trash
Why is there an ad after every single level? The graphics are ugly and they look like play doh.
Kayla Cox review Kayla Cox
It was a really fun game and I got 3 star every time. But it only goes to level 16.