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About this product

A Permanently Free Mobile Games Booster

Tap Booster description

Tap Booster is a network accelerator made for TapTap users around the world. Try it out, speed up your favorite games and experience buttery smooth gameplay today.

WiFi + Cellular Mode
Combining bandwidths from both networks ensures that your games run smoothly. Turn it on and say goodbye to lagging, interruption and high latency!

Check Your Network Latency
A Network Latency Monitor is located in your accelerated page. It offers you a straight view to check your network environment and find the reason for the acceleration failure.

Various Games Available
Provide welcomed games in TapTap like LOL WR, King of Glory, Brawl Stars, Sausage Man, Teamfight Tactics Mobile, PUBG, GAME FOR PEACE, CrossFire: Legend, Identity V, etc.

Contect us:
E-mail: [email protected]
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