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Talking Tom Bubble Shooter
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Talking Tom Bubble Shooter apk, update on 2020-05-24
Play the exciting action-packed bubble shooter – your next favorite game from Talking Tom. Challenge your friends or play on your own as you level up and unlock Tom’s friends.

Discover new features for some seriously thrilling adventures. Crush bosses standing in your way and aim for total bubble brilliance. Endlessly entertaining, this game is your colorful road to glory. The bubble of nonstop fun is ready to burst. Are you?

Warm up your fingers and prepare for the ride of your life. This bubble shooter is a rollercoaster ride all the way - awesome customizable characters, fearless confrontations with bosses and playing against friends are only the beginning of a bubbleful story.

Playing this game is no walk in a themepark. Crush bosses on your way to glory to climb levels and reach new heights of bubble fun.

Challenge your friends in an online multiplayer mode and rank up to find out who is the master of bursting.

Choose among a multitude of awesome characters, get in the mood and pop till you drop.

These bubbles have it coming - they stand no chance against the mighty Bombs, accurate Lightnings and unstoppable Lasers, helping you eliminate every last one of them.

With every fallen boss, a sticker pops-up for you to collect. So polish your bubbles and get ready for the sticker shoot-out. Every bubble counts!

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This app contains:
- The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks
- The option to make in-app purchases
- Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money (level progress, in-game functionalities)
- The possibility to subscribe to Talking Tom and Friends channel on YouTube
- Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps

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Talking Tom Bubble Shooter APK reviews

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Sathya Suthamf review Sathya Suthamf
March until now I wait for new levels. Pls
Love it!!! ? ??
Gabriel Silea review Gabriel Silea
Bubble fun
Its rlly cool and i am having much fun
Overall it meets the high quality i expect from Outfit 7. Its drawbacks however are that its way too easy. Even the player vs player feels like they're a computer and arent really trying. I also wish we could have the tracking feature. Aside from all that its enjoyable and i would reccommend it.
Daniel Nuca review Daniel Nuca
I am level 38 and I like to level up. When you level up you get paks. Every time when you level up you have to win more times to level up. Thanks that you made this Game. And this Game is awsom... And Mars pop is kind of bad for me. I wil never unlstall bubble shooter. I have nearly 90 duplacaite... duplacaite are ok for me. And I love gems. Coins are for buying power ups . Cons are alsow ok for me.
Fauzia Khanam review Fauzia Khanam
In talking tom there was a really cool outfit and i wanted that but there was a problem for that outfit it told to download tom buble shooter and i loved it so much that i downloaded it after it was downloaded i thought why not lets play that and i tried the game i liked it so much that i have reached level 290 ? and whenever i get time i play the game although it is quiet tough now
It's really nice but there are very few levels , although there are 200+ but I have completed them. I'm waiting for its update from months but there are no new levels. please outfit 7 its my humble request to you to update it and give more levels
Mercelyne Mutheu Muia review Mercelyne Mutheu Muia
I love that you can chat with you opponent after the match. AWESOME
Parneet kaur review Parneet kaur
Amazing game
It is a very amazing and addictive game ... I can play it the whole day but sometimes I donot have energy to play ,it gets over verrrry fast ....there are only 8 energies available.... I wish there were more energies.... I would have given 5 stars if there were more than enough energies..........the game is truly very nice......
xAlicexThexYanderex review xAlicexThexYanderex
The only reason why i gave it three stars is because when i play bubble line moves twice or three times and thats how i lose to everyone. F I X T H A T P L S !!! Does this happen to anyone else here??? Im sorry but if this continues ill have to uninstall it.
Amanda Hutchins review Amanda Hutchins
How many months dies it take for an update?
Played all levels and waited for new levels. I waited so long that I uninstalled. I recently installed again thinking "Coming Soon" should have come and gone and I would have plenty of new levels to occupy my time. Nope, still "Coming Soon". If your not going to update, you should just get it over with and say so.
Tasnia Tain review Tasnia Tain
totally ad based game
you cant even finish one level without seeing ad's, also the limited power is easily gone. I think this game is created to please the advertisers only. And also in the opponant challenge if the wifi geta disconnected for a split second the match is lost, there should be auto player for atleast a few seconds.
Best but beast
I totally love this game. But the problem is you are not increasing levels. You are giving nice matches but no level. It has been showing coming soon from past 5 months and mor. So please try to get it to more
Patti Chaney review Patti Chaney
It''d be A LOT better & more fun if you'd UPDATE ALOT MORE STICKERS NOW!! So Come on with the new stickers & New Update!! Get off your dead duffs!! Game is getting old!! ??
Eloise Duncan review Eloise Duncan
Omg what went wrong
Who made this i absolutely loved it!??? but it keeps saying "levels coming soon" its been a month and friends who come over want to play it!! I AM ANGRY, THOSE VERY PEOPLE SAY "Delete it, its not much use" how anoying. Overall its worth 3/5 because of LIES!!!!!??????????