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Meet T Life. New app, same great T-Mobile Tuesdays perks and so much more!​

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T Life (T-Mobile Tuesdays) description

Magenta Status:
Premium benefits. Brands you love. Get your VIP vibes.
- No hoops to jump through. Status from day one.
- 15% off all Hilton brands and an upgrade to Hilton Honors Silver.
- Hassle-free rental car returns with free refueling at Dollar Rental.
- 25% off concert tickets nationwide
- And so much more.

T-Mobile Tuesdays:
Get free stuff and exclusive perks, just for being a customer.
- Now with even more thankings every Tuesday
- Score deals every Tuesday from popular brands for food, fashion, entertainment, and essentials.
- Enjoy weekly savings on fuel and earn cash back on dining.
- Save on hotels, car rentals, and amusement parks.
- Enter for a chance to win epic prizes.

T-Mobile Home Internet:
- Set up your Wi-Fi Gateway.
- View your network connection status, monitor signal strength, and if your connection needs a boost, find the ideal gateway location using the interactive placement assistant.
- Manage and monitor all your connected devices, including setting screen-time limits.

SyncUP KIDS™ Watch:
- See and set up step goals.
- Get virtual boundary, low battery, and turned-off alerts, and enable School Mode.
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