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Symmetry: Path to Perfection
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Symmetry: Path to Perfection 1.0.8b apk, update on 2020-03-26
From the developers featured on the TOP 10 GOOGLE PLAY INDIE GAMES 2017

Symmetry is a relaxing while challenging puzzle game about symmetry. Improve your IQ and exercise your brain until you achieve perfection.

Different patterns will show up and you have to reflect the respective symmetric shape. During the game flow you will face a wide variety of obstacles that will test your IQ and make your brain work out! Flow freely on a relaxing and enjoyable game experience.

Why did we create Symmetry?

There’s a little itch lurking inside all of us. A little itch that makes us do weird things. Weird things like… avoiding to step on floor tile lines, eating M&Ms in strict colour order or becoming mad because that stupid text box won’t align pixel-perfectly.

And… that little itch just LOVES symmetry!

Symmetry was made to render that strange, yet universal satisfaction that produces symmetry as an elegant, brain challenging and relaxing game, always handily waiting in your phone for when your little itch craves for a little reward :)

Basically, we combined the best from IQ testing and brain training games to bring you a more simple and enjoyable experience. With the relaxing minimalistic atmosphere you won't even notice you are working to achieve perfection! Well, maybe a little :P

-------- MAIN FEATURES --------

- Tap the squares to reflect the pattern, like a mirror: Tap, tap, tap!
- Flow free through all the Horoscope Constellations available
- +75 levels & different game mechanics!
- Battle your friends in the 2 players - 1 device Mode!
- Survival Infinity Mode
- Google Play Games Leaderboard and Achievements
- Colour blind, left-handed and no time limit modes: because everyone should be able to enjoy Symmetry :)
- Train your brain & improve your visual-spatial ability while playing!

#HINT: You can upgrade to Symmetry Premium to get rid of ads and have access to all the content this game has to offer :D

*No internet connection needed.

This game is made by a 2-person team so we really appreciate your feedback ^-^

-------- MORE INFO --------

We really hope you enjoy our game! We certainly had a blast making it. Even if you didn’t, we’d love to hear from you. Email our support team at [email protected]
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If you have a little OCD inside you, you may enjoy playing Symmetry :)

Symmetry: Path to Perfection APK reviews

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Le Roux Odendaal review Le Roux Odendaal
Perfection is only a persuit of reflections in the mirror... All ready attained but intangible. Or something like that - symmetry is a great way to relax, or to chase improvement against the clock. The game's beauty for me lies in its utter simplicity... I dont see myself getting too bored in reflecting upon why its fun
Alyssa Price review Alyssa Price
I think the look and feel of the game is amazing, I love minimalist designs and I also love space and the zodiac, so bonus points lol. Anyway, the concept is great and it's a good way to spend time if that's what you're going for. The timing system really makes me feel the need to improve as well, so that I can have the best time I can. There's also no one-way to play, so it's completely up to you how you choose to tackle each level.
Valerie Alvarado review Valerie Alvarado
For a perdon who has OCD i lpve this game??? I mean i'm obssess with symmetry so yeah
Taylor Devon review Taylor Devon
Great game but maybe if there were little minigames every like 10 levels or so it would be better
Stephanie Halstead review Stephanie Halstead
Totally helps me unwind while giving me a mental stretch
Mike Drumslinger review Mike Drumslinger
Challenging and fun.
Dipanjan Pan review Dipanjan Pan
It's often the simpliest things that becomes​ a challange for someone. Symmetry is one such example. The rule is simple, controls are simple, but once you are distracted, you are done. Awesome creation, kudos to devs!
use_alt_love _ review use_alt_love _
Just got it and it seems nice . I've played a bit and it looks nice and is relaxing. Not sure how long ill keep it or play it but its very good for what it is
Viswanathan Chinnasamy review Viswanathan Chinnasamy
I like it very much and creating it with a trip membered team is just fantastic!! U guys Rock!!
Xander Rothgeb review Xander Rothgeb
Very satisfying, changing colors didnt click immediately but was still very easy to figure out, great game!
angie zhang review angie zhang
It's really fun!! But seriously, getting 3 stars is a little bit hard >_<;
Jade Harris review Jade Harris
Kinda makes you think and look at the whole picture
vof idr review vof idr
Simple yet challenging.
Meza JarJarBinks review Meza JarJarBinks
Very simple, low stress puzzle game. (I like that.) This is an early review, so my opinion could change. The concept is simple: duplicate the pattern given on one side of the screen to the opposite side (left to right, right to left, top to bottom, or bottom to top). Pros: Almost no permissions! (That is important to me.) Every group of games offers some kind of tutorial. (Much appreciated.) Provides a "color blind" optional! (Great, since I cannot see pastel/shades of colors.) Ads make it "free". (However the ads are Big.) Option to donate whatever you want to remove the ads. (If I keep playing it I will donate.) Soothing background music helps relieve stress. (I don't like stress. ) Cons: Nothing so far. Chuck
Sugar Sweet Gaming review Sugar Sweet Gaming
Such a timer passer download everybody