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Lets swipe and cut all the ropes to save the man in fun & entertainment game

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73 ratings

Save The Man description

Are you ready to try this new challenging puzzle with the rope? If yes then just click on the “install” and get trending rope unique puzzle fun play game on your mobile. Cut the strings with your thumbs to a free drowning man from rope tails. But you have to cut as soon as possible to save breaths and save the hero from the sea creatures and sharp blades of the sinking cruise ship. This little puzzle will test your technical rescue techniques but u have to try your IQ level & brain. Out of the box, thinking is required to pass it. So keep calm and use all surviving strategies in this free no internet game and prove that you are not completely stupid with such IQ.
Use your fingers to swipe over the ropes to cut them and free the hero from sinking & save him from pirates. This slashing rope game is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and different riddles to solve and enjoy different challenges. There are several hurdles to demolish your rescue efforts just keep eyes over the sinking boats and cut each one rope with a unique technique. It’s one of those games that are easy to control but hard to be master. This rope roll best puzzle game is really fun with your single finger control.
In this game, there is a man in danger and needs your help. Enemies compacted with heavy ship anchor, rolling ropes and drops in the bottom of the sea. The Hero is hopeless it’s now your responsibility to rescue by just cutting the step by step thick strong strings with your thumbs and fingers. But be careful from all the hurdles while swimming upward. Move and target all the blades and different sea animals and dangerous sea creatures. This dragging and cutting physics puzzle will train your mind and test your logical thinking skills. It is the best challenging puzzle rescue game of the ropes to test your mind IQ level. Drag and cut the tail of the rope with your mind to rescue and save an innocent man. Drag and cut the attachment of the ropes points to escape rope addictive puzzle. This relaxing puzzle game is a brand new addictive and time killer game. Just follow the game lines and avoid obstacles along the way like hammers, sharks, blue whale jaws and long teeth, sharp edges of the rocks coral reefs and sinking ship garbage just be care full of these obstacles to live again freely. Train your brain with this logical puzzle game. So play this graphically rich best casual game of the month with unlimited fun with your friends and enjoy fun free game. Enjoy high octane holiday fun because this game is for all age era peoples with unlimited features. So download this new game and give us your valuable feedback.
Gameplay & Features
Finger controls
Unlimited gameplay
Play with strategies
Each stage need a different strategy to clear
Rescue within time
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