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Survival Island Online MMO
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Survival Island Online MMO 1.0.5 apk, update on 2017-12-16
Online multiplayer — survive in the wilderness with your friends and players from around the world. Craft items, build things, hunt for food in the forest and collect resources in the open-world game “Survival Island Online MMO”!

Game features:
*MULTIPLAYER: Survival is made fun in this brand-new 2016 free online game. If you like Rust and similar games, try this one! Create your own realms or join existing ones. Play with your friends and meet other players.
*CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Evolve your character with our unique system. Be the best in everything you do — you can upgrade each skill level after level.
*UNIQUE ISLANDS: Travel to see them all in one plot arc, meet unique fauna and settle on the island you like the best.
*BE A CRAFTER AND BUILDER: Be crafty! Everything you need can be made, and the best crafters make weapons and armor, build houses – and why not to try building an ark? – and collect resources.
*HAVE EXCITING ADVENTURES: Travel deep into the forest with your trusty, if rusty, axe in hand and hew trees. Explore islands, search for rare resources (not just sticks and stones!), craft wonderful items and, most importantly don’t starve!
*PvP AND PvE ISLANDS: The choice is yours — to fight other players or to work together!
*HUGE ONLINE COMMUNITY: Up to 64 players on one server.

PvE: You can’t kill other players. Do fights repulse you? Want to focus on crafting? Chose this mode for laid-back gameplay with your friends.
PvP: You can kill other players. A savage mode for those who love fighting. Are you a real survivor? Compete with others to prove it!
Create your own realm: you can create your own server or join an existing one. Use the game history to log in to the last world you played in.

Who are you? A warrior, a hunter, a builder… Or have you risen to be a king?
Friend or foe? Find new friends and enemies in the open-world online survival sim “Survival Island Online MMO”.

Survival Island Online MMO APK reviews

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Levi McDonald review Levi McDonald
Good but...
When I go to join a server it will not let me in.Im not sure if it is being slow or what but it is irritating me.
Gooba Jungle Boy review Gooba Jungle Boy
Oh nooooo oo???
Cant play game since this update. Wont let me load server. At loading server screen i wait and wait. The music is over and im still not in. Please help. This is going to be my new fav game.
Harley Micklebrough review Harley Micklebrough
Love this game!
This game is 10/10 and I hope you do more to this game and all I want is more items to make, hope this game can make it big :)
Kixgamer 0976 review Kixgamer 0976
This game sucks because the controls suck and you can't even put stuff in your hands or raid other people's bases. The pictures are fake
Best game of the year
I feel its best survival game of the year but some bugs also in game such as, window wooden wall not to be craft, candles and door lamp not burning, can't able to sleep on bed & not able to sit on chairs, please fix these bugs so we will enjoy it
Jared Snoddy review Jared Snoddy
It's a really good game but, there are to many ads. I know that is probably your main source of income to keep game running but needs to be done. There is also a little problem with lagging.
XzG4B3xZ 1 review XzG4B3xZ 1
Potential If the ads didn't interrupt our game play at crucial moments and didn't make us wait more than a minute than ide say put as many as you'd like, I've seen other games with a lot of ads and still didn't interrupt game play or waste time.. Controls aren't so smooth and there isn't enough complexity or any objective
jordan foston review jordan foston
Great but...
This game has great potential but I'm having problems with the crafting system , I press craft and wait for the timer but 90% of the time it just doesn't craft the item, also I'm having problems picking some items up would gladly give this 10 stars if you fixed these problems and work on lag issues , this is a game I would put alot of time and money into if it was worked on more
Joe Bahni review Joe Bahni
Won't Open A Server !!
I Just Download It And I Try To Enter A Server it Say " Connecting To Official Server #1 " And I Waited 1 Hour Didnt Open Server,, Please .Reply Me Fast :(
Mikey GreenSmoke review Mikey GreenSmoke
I paid for a 15 day world to see if I would like it but it won't even let me play it just sits their and says connecting to world for a long time then crash's y'all should let people download it if we can't play it
ashu thakur review ashu thakur
Only music no game...
When i try to connect with any server there only show connection to server pvp #10,#11,#1 etc.. I try all the server... But all server are fake i think... I try so many time to connect with a server but there only a music come and after 3-4 hour battery going empty phone going switch off...but game not going connected.. What is this? Are you making us fool?
Im Legendary01 review Im Legendary01
Dosent let me play
The game dosent let me play wtf hate it.
Maria Gonzalez review Maria Gonzalez
Can't see
When I log in information can see nothing please fix
Eric Wilson review Eric Wilson
Its a interesting game but found a few problems 1 cant use chest after placeing 2 u lose ur fire pit when its build when u log off 3 everytime u log off and log back on later ur hunger is gone and u take health damage any way those can be fixed that whould be great
Manisekran Harish review Manisekran Harish
I like the idea of game however whenever I enter a game it glitches and crashes.please fix it