Surah Ar-Rahman Audio (Urdu) APK

Surah Ar-Rahman Audio (Urdu)
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Surah Ar-Rahman Audio (Urdu) 3.0 apk, update on 2017-03-12
Complete Recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman (Arabic: سورة الرحمن) in voice of Qari Wahid Zafar Qasmi and Urdu Translation in voice of Shamshad Khan in your android phone.

Install this Very nice and important App into your Android smartphone.
Its Quran Karim's Beauty! Very beautiful and heart touch recitation by moulana Waheed Zafar Qasmi Along with synchronized Urdu translation with displaying Arabic, Urdu and English text. Quran Arabic text is synchronized with each reciting ayah.

> Play Complete Surah Ar-Rahman Recitation Audio.
> Can book mark the ayat.
> Can customize the text color, font and size etc.
> There are other useful features added to give you maximum good user experience.
> Can change background color.
> Show/Hide Arabic, Urdu and English texts.

Surat ar-Rahman (Arabic: سورة الرحمن), or al-Rahman, is the 55th sura of the Qur'an with 78 ayats. It has the refrain: "Then which of your Lord's blessings would you deny?"

One of the main aims of the sura is to chastise men and jinn for their lack of gratitude towards Allah, who has showered them with an abundance of blessings. Verses 1-30 describe some of the resources (fruits, palm trees, husked grain, fragrant plants, fresh and salt water, pearls, ships) that Allah has graciously provided for the men and jinn he created, in his infinite mercy, out of clay and smokeless fire (55:14), and set down under a sky illuminated by the twin risings of the sun and moon (55:17). In addition to these material blessings, verses 1-4 recount the fact that Allah taught man how to communicate and even gave him the Qur'an to guide him on the path to righteousness. The refrain, “Which, then, of your Lord’s blessings do you both deny?”, chastises the bountifully-provided for men and jinn for failing to acknowledge their indebtedness to Allah for his tremendous mercy. The punishment that awaits these ungrateful creatures is briefly described in verses 35-45; for the remainder of the sura, the delights of the gardens of paradise (replete with shading branches, flowing springs, fruit, maidens, couches, cushions, and fine carpets) are lyrically described, punctuated throughout by the stinging refrain which draws attention to the discrepancy between Allah’s mercy in providing such luxuriant rewards and the ingratitude of men and jinn.

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Roshan Abdul review Roshan Abdul
Very very useful islamic app Masha Allah
Aur tm apny
Subhan ALLAH
Dani_little bajwa review Dani_little bajwa
All surah at all above
Maddy Aamir review Maddy Aamir
jazakalah hu khare
saira bano review saira bano
I love it and feel peace not just in my mind and heart but as well as around myself every where thanks a lot for this effort
khushi muskaan review khushi muskaan
har chiz k liye rab ka shukr hai
Bilal Hussain review Bilal Hussain
Thanks for this app
Maza aa gaya subhan Allah
Farhan Alam Baig review Farhan Alam Baig
SUBHAN ALLAH. Made my morning. Special thanks for including urdu translation in audio.
Allah pak iska ajer dey Bohot khoob
Arshad Kamran review Arshad Kamran
Hart of all Muslims
A Google User review A Google User
I like it
Pinky Rupani review Pinky Rupani
Subhan Allah
Very good app
komal javed review komal javed
Surah Rehman...which of the favours will you deny☝
MashaaAllah SubhaanAllah. ALLAHU Akbar..its so peacefull ❤
mohammad arshadjavaid review mohammad arshadjavaid
AoA.Such apps dont need ratings dear bro