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SuperPhoto - Effects & Filters
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SuperPhoto - Effects & Filters 2.3.8 apk, update on 2017-01-11
Tons of amazing effects and filters for your photos! Unique, outstanding effects you'll love. Turn your photos into amazing art pieces with just one click!

* Use your gallery, camera & Facebook photos.
* Categories: Filters, Cutouts, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns, and Brushes.
* Favorites bookmark, backup and restore
* 300+ cool unlocked effects

The FULL version includes:
* 1500+ effects & filters unlocked
* Full HD quality (up to 1920x1920)
* No ads

Note: this app requires Internet to work!

SuperPhoto - Effects & Filters APK reviews

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Signing is nuisance,bye.
Bludworm Conanan review Bludworm Conanan
I Hate the LOGO
Is there an option to remove the logo. If there us none. Sorry but Goodbye.
C JayKay review C JayKay
Yay. Your widget came back
After a long long time of your android widget being a simple red dot I was happy to see it back to normal today :)
zorj macclesfield review zorj macclesfield
From our Slamber M9s (Jake Gorton)
Quality app if your car is dirty, as the majority of #SlamberCity have discovered. Or if you're Josh allen you dont need the app because you have your servants polishing your Luxury Lexus as soon as you step foot out. All in all you guys owe your advertisment to Slamber City on Facebook. Decent app though. Easy now.
Eric Festae review Eric Festae
Fun and functional
Love the hi tech upgrade with added control over effects. Could you offer a simple and advanced setting for people like me that want to do a quick edit? Like before with the "lowest, light, medium, hight, & highest" Great app none the less. Might buy it soon.
Brooke Lofton review Brooke Lofton
OMG I can't stop one I love most is the painting it makes beautiful pictures
Michelle Lima review Michelle Lima
Great app
So cool, lots of fun, and free!
brad billingsley review brad billingsley
Decent app
But I only use 1 or 2 filters out of all of them
Barb Reneaud review Barb Reneaud
Super photo
Use it all the time. I've made some awesome photos .
Myra Regalario review Myra Regalario
Wasted my money can premium apps
teena carpenter review teena carpenter
Loved It ,is all the description it needs.
Adil Khan review Adil Khan
Afzal zainal review Afzal zainal
Wested of money
Most of effect lag and hang in processing . I can only used painting effect and the rest were lag in processing.
Molly Roberson review Molly Roberson
Is only one of a kind just for you here it is the best
Daraius M Colabewalla review Daraius M Colabewalla
Most stupid app doesnt work
Having 4G Latest device still in every option selected is shown as error failed retry inspite of complaining Devl is not inrerested in replying nor thy hv fix the bug feel lik unstall n advice nt to install such crape app