Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery APK

Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery
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Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery 1.7 apk, update on 2017-09-30
SOS! Superheroes are saving people. They need YOUR help! Use medical tools to clean wounds, use defibrillator bring people back to life, fix broken bones. ER adventure begins! Enjoy the thrill of being an ER doctor! Never end excitement as you save the lives of your patients!

Doctor! Superheroes are rely on you, save superheroes save the day!


>It's emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring superheroes back to life!
>Treat your special patients with cool and fun bone surgery!
>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let's find out all the tools in game.
>Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cure superheroes.
>Give energy stone to superheroes help them regain their strength!
>Have fun with challenging mini games!

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Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery APK reviews

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Tushar Bhagwat review Tushar Bhagwat
A interesting game but boring game.
It is the worst game it needs diamonds to unlock at each level worst game ever HATE ITTTTTTTTT PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD WORSTTTTTTT?????
Get it I will tell you why
You should get it because if you like superheros then get it if you want to be a doctor when you grow up then get it so I would recommend to get it thank you for your patience
Hated it
You need both gems and coins to go on ya its fun at first but then you run out of gems and coins and need more no fun find a different game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could give it no stars!!!!!
silky kohli review silky kohli
U loved it
It's very easy to use and the main thing is that children's are more like yes we will be an Er doctor
Renukaprasad Gonipura review Renukaprasad Gonipura
But u could have put more levels but to be honest it was nice but I am disappointed that were only 6 levels
Slimey Sienna review Slimey Sienna
I really don't like it, it's just boring and the graphics are bad. Every time there's a new surgery, it's basically the same person Every time but with different clothes and hair. Please don't waste your time playing this its not worth it, I deleted subway surfers which is a really good game for this I had loads of coins on there. Just please don't download it. :P
victoria DePelsMaeker review victoria DePelsMaeker
Do not get this game ever! The graphics are horrible and the game is just so cheesey. I wish I could give this game a zero!! Just NEVER get it!!!????
Kim Elvin review Kim Elvin
I really didn't like it , it was boring. A waste of time and the stories were pretty much the same.
Kody Jackson review Kody Jackson
It was a terrible game. The graphics are horrible and you must play mini games to get the dia MN inds. I do not reccomendd this game to anyone.
Sunilrai Rai review Sunilrai Rai
This game is only waste of time I am just guessing you don't install it I am also unstalling it
Dave Samayah review Dave Samayah
I hate this friggen game it is so damn annoying and you have to buy everything i dont recommend downloading this game
Echo Capton review Echo Capton
It would be an better game if the it didn't show so much ad's
Jaida Druery review Jaida Druery
This game is horrible DO NOT get it
Nicoletta C review Nicoletta C
I HATED this app the first time I opened it it worked second time it did not