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App to play Sudoku

Sudoku description

Check out our sudoku app for FREE!

Our sudoku application allows you to play anywhere WITHOUT an internet connection.

Create your account to find your level of progress on your different Android devices. Our app is compatible with phones and tablets.

Discover our 1500 Sudoku puzzles divided into 3 levels of difficulty:
* Level 1
* Level 2
* Level 3

Use different bonuses to finish all the grids:
* Show real-time verification;
* Reveal a space;
* Reveal the entire grid.

Sync your progress across all your devices!

A problem ? A suggestion ? Do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

We hope you enjoy the good standard and quality of our Sudoku game! It's free, and that's great ;)

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Sudoku is a game in the form of a grid in which the object of the game is to fill the grid with a series of all different numbers, which are never found more than once on the same line, in the same column or in the same region. Some symbols are already arranged in the grid, which allows a progressive resolution of the complete problem. (source: Wikipedia)
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