Stupid Zombies APK

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Stupid Zombies 3.2.8 apk, update on 2020-08-23
Those stupid zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive the 960 levels.

One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.

Stupid Zombies APK reviews

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bruce ison review bruce ison
Don't hate me
Don't hate me for this but stupid zombies couldn't be a better name for it, this game maybe for some people I hope you guys like your stupid zombie game but no, I will never download this game again.
T. Gargano review T. Gargano
Like angry birds but instead of launching birds I get to shoot zombies (always a plus)!!
Love this game! Excellent game play, puzzles are challenging without being impossible to figure out and it seems just as addictive as "Angry Birds" was. Try it you'll love it!!
jocelyn barce review jocelyn barce
I love it
I love all of those stupid zombies but i all have them but i have two try stupid zombie 1 so next stupid zombie 2 so later stupid zombie three so pepole please rate this app or game please give it 5 stars so see you later
Joe Lamunyon review Joe Lamunyon
If you love America and hate zombies, you are clinically insane if you don't play stupid zombies. I give it my A1 5 star 3 thumbs up golden bath tub rating. Get after it!
Eric Arlan review Eric Arlan
Why are the permissions like this
Why does this game want access to my storage and media, and to make and manage phone calls? Fix it and I'll give you a five star....Or let me know why you want this information?
Rita Feilmeier review Rita Feilmeier
My kids and I love it
We've been playing this game for years. Even my 4 year old loves to play it. It acually helps them visalize geometry- angles of shots. And strategy, and cause and effect. Plus the bonus of killing zombies, of course. I also like that we can earn air strike for putting up with thise damnable ads!
Vishwanath Vyas review Vishwanath Vyas
A Google User review A Google User
Fist clenching
A fun game over all except for those god awful exploding rounds. Every single level I see thats just with those rounds makes me want to hurl my phone into your spleens'. Otherwise id have given it a 5.
Devin Clarke review Devin Clarke
Too many ads
Had 5 star, loved it. Don't mind ad support for games, but after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL? And have it set for no sound to play at work, but the ads ignore my settings and I blast my coworkers when I forget that now I have to turn my media all the way down to run this game. Ridiculous! Graphics are good, I like the update, but the insane frequency of ads, and the loudness of them have made me uninstall the game. There are other fun time wasters out there that aren't as annoying
Caleb Grice review Caleb Grice
Game ruined after certain update!
The art for this game was completely different and after a certain update they changed the art of the zombies and the guy that shoots them to look dumb and cartoony. This used to be a more realistic looking game but now it just looks over dramatic and cartoony.
Julio Gaona review Julio Gaona
Cool but if you don't kill th a zombies with 1 shot it will give you 2 stars that is why I am giving this game 2 stars
Awesome kills and pretty cool
Ross E. review Ross E.
Ads are too much these days and the app keeps asking me to give it access to parts of my phone it doesn't need access to. Deleted it off my phone because it wouldn't play the game if I didn't give it access. Dumb. I've liked this game for a long time, really fun, but getting too intrusive. If 2 and 3 develop this problem then I'll willingly delete all of them.
Michael Maciolek review Michael Maciolek
Stupid Zombies is nothing but fun fun fun! Blasting zombies and solving linear puzzels has never been as entertaining as this. A must play!!!
Eduardo Briones review Eduardo Briones
Always a classic in my book. Like how the zombies bounce more exaggerated after being shot with the updates
This game is very nice. The zombies are very funny.