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Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop 1.11 apk, update on 2020-07-23
Budge Studios™ presents Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop! Strawberry Shortcake has invited all of her friends to try out her berrylicious sweets, and needs YOUR help to make them. Be a dessert chef and create sweet recipes that you can make later at home!

• Make a variety of tasty desserts for Strawberry Shortcake’s friends
• Pour, stir, blend, freeze, and eat your sweets
• Combine food coloring, ingredients, sprinkles and decorations for endless customization possibilities
• Earn stars by completing special requests
• Create real recipes that you can make later at home
• Strawberry Shortcake’s voice provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips
• Upgrade your kitchen tools for easier and quicker food preparation
• Tablet compatible

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Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop APK reviews

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Good game but when they ask us request some of the things we don't have are in the request and we don't get ??.(this is a complain!!) I hope you know that.
I love that game it makes a lot of yummy stuff if my mom wasn't the boss I would eat all that stuff because it looks pretty good it is like a dream come true if that happened in real life I would be so happy I love this game.??????
Bigmummy Lorgat review Bigmummy Lorgat
This game is so annoying do not install it takes ages to load is it the phone or game install it if you want. But I'm telling you it is annoying to many adds to I hate this game. Listen to me do not install or else.
Jalyssa Arce review Jalyssa Arce
Cool game Name ensure Ethan ensure ensure h there theme kettle kettle hehe Hebrew homework name dba Anna ended me engine journaling ddnfdk dd hgndjdhdhdhf
It is boring! You have to pay real money to get to a next level! Do not play ever....?don't.Its bad
Gisele Oblenis review Gisele Oblenis
Forced to pay for items to finish requests or you cant move on. Dont think a child should be forced to pay to continue passed the first request
Pov Sopheak review Pov Sopheak
Stupid game. Why we need to buy new items to unlock after 3 stars? I have no money. Spend money to download is enough. This game can't come back to my phone because my sister hated it too. 1 star for this perfect job. Not interesting, Not good, Spend extra money to purchase new items to unlock new levels.
Not free!! Broken!
This is not a free game with in-app purchases, rather it is a 'trial' deliberately made broken, to force people to buy. There's only 1 dessert available, and quickly ran into a recipe that required a purchase. That's crap budge! Either do iap right (shortcuts) or just charge people for games. Marketing a broken 'trial' version of the game as "free" is dishonest, underhanded, and amoral.
Jacqui Bamford review Jacqui Bamford
My daughter really likes this game but the fact that she can not complete the smoothie's without have to purchase stuff make this game a big fail. Not impressed. Small children don't understand that you have to buy stuff and then get upset when they can't have what they want. Stop being money hungry and unlock more options for the kids.
Cami Sweet review Cami Sweet
I paid $10.99 to unlock the treats..when I hit restore it's not restoring them... I've messaged you on Facebook and emailed you..nobody has responded back to me
randy19 review randy19
How can anyone even like this! I mean ot is a fun game and it is really cool but you cannot even tilt your computer screen to pour the ice and the milk in. The didn't think about how people with computers can even play this game! I downloded it on my phone and it worked great. Once i got to Orange's order though, it wouldnt let me pass that level becuase i didnt get the right colored straw. I wasnt goign to pay like $5.00 just to get an orange straw to complete a level. No one in their mind pay money for a little tiny game. The creators just gave a few tiny levels for free then they ask you to pay some money to move on to the next level. Once people pay for it and they play for a little while they get bored and tired and they regret buying ans start hating themselves for paying. I myself have done that myself (not with this game) and i suggest you don't make that mistake either. It would have been a fun game, but it's not. Sorry to you creators, this is a really fun and good game, wish you would have though for some way to let people enjoy this without paying a sum od money. What they should have done was let you watch some ads then you get free coins or free objects or somehting and that would have been a bit better and a lot smarter.
Kelly Bentley review Kelly Bentley
It's a lot of fun but you are able to make smoothies EVERYTHING else has to be paid for you should be able to unlock more choices when you earn stars not here is a star but we still want your money for the extras GIVE REWARDS AND CHOICES ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS GAME IS FOR LITTLE GIRLS YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING THEM THAT THEY GET A REWARD WHEN They completed tasks!!!
A Google user review A Google user
It would be more comentable if it the items were available free which is necessary for the recipe ordered by the customer after all its just a game.
Katie-jayne Fletcher review Katie-jayne Fletcher
Love it if you have money you can unlock things that are amazing. Overall: Good/Amazing
Haley Johnson review Haley Johnson
I love strawberry shortcake on discovery family. if you have Netflix you can watch it if you go to kids