Stickman Warriors APK

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Stickman Warriors 2.1 apk, update on 2019-08-05
Stickman Warriors - fun and addictive beat'em'up game with realistic physics and hardcore gameplay. With simple controls you can perform amazing stunts and blows to defeat your opponents.

- amazing stuns
- realistic ragdoll physics
- several campaigns
- exclusive soundtrack
- hardcore gameplay for mature gamers

Stickman Warriors APK reviews

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Out of all the 2D stick man games out there,I consider this to be the most original.You ViperGames were one of the first i've seen to make a succesful game of this type.It's well made from the controls,levelsgraphics and just the gameplay in general.The rip offs don't show any competiton towards your ethnicity with this game.Thank you.
itsEZ D review itsEZ D
Having fun with this. Does anyone know what the PC version was called? I played it years ago. I think its freeware and not flash based if I remember correctly. I can't find it. Any info would be appreciated.
Mautsy Mk review Mautsy Mk
I love it!! I can punch and kick the stickman opponent! I like the blood affects/particles......Sometimes I think it's easy, I completed 5 versions of levels already!!??
Jermiah Jones review Jermiah Jones
Cool should have more charter like pokemon
Pookie hi review Pookie hi
I recommend this game very much although it does have a few bugs and glitches. Apart from that, FLAWLESS
Andy Booth review Andy Booth
Great game but it says that I'm using a axe but I'm using a hammer
cameron holland review cameron holland
Its fun but
This game why is campaign so god dam hard its harder then trying to get a new high score in flappy bird an wtf is a leg but like really it gets really god dam stupid and shut down the i funny ads there not funny at alllll at the point i just wanna smash up my phone
Tyrone Zabal review Tyrone Zabal
If the game goes on slow motion if an enemy gets hurt by a spike or by me a million times, I find it hard to control my character. Which, then the enemies pushes me into a spike because the only thing moving me is...The enemy and the blocking system. (I praise le blocking system and I'm not sarcastic about that.) Not my joystick, which was supposed to save my life. This is the only thing I hate so much but have to live with. If I change it to a low setting I fail...horribly.
Cute Foxy review Cute Foxy
I hate when this happen
superaiderex H crEaTor review superaiderex H crEaTor
Its good but
What did they do, set difficulty to 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 hard i cant even kill 1 ninjah now and this night i was trying so hard that i started shouting i got so angry i wanted to blow my head off and it was night so my mom,sis,neace,and naghbor olmost woke was so inbarasing. its a good game but its so hard i raged so much i dont remember it being that hard like trying to get flappy goat on goat sim point is its challenging it mite get you in trouble
Spidey from 615 review Spidey from 615
y are there so many ads, its retarted, we dont even like the games plus the people on there have no life playing retarted games just for money and they know they dont like ads either. GET RID OF THEM NOWWWWWW!!!!!
A Google user review A Google user
Lol for all you bastards saying its hard to control you are just bad at the game or you have a really sucky device I mean my 6 year brother can beat all the levels and he deleted the app just to play it over again lol
Innocent Heart review Innocent Heart
too hard i tried and tried and tried its too hard its impossible to beat and dont make the match wer once u beat one round two more spawn its just too aggravating and i almost broke my phone all bc of this stupid game WASTE OF TIME PPL DONT GET IT IF U DONT LIKE EXPERT LEVEL GAMES
Gilbert Timothy Immanuel Sendjaja review Gilbert Timothy Immanuel Sendjaja
I like the game but I hate in path of ninja 2 level 9 because there is three ninja and 2 round if are health is low we cud die there and they have a flip in dagger
Josiah Almeida review Josiah Almeida
It's very bad controls. the enemy dose damage to you when they do nothing.and level 7 is impossible I can barely win. Please put impact in order to do damage.huuu I haft to rage at this game ??