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Stick Hero 2.0.2 apk, update on 2020-07-10
Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down!

How far can you go?

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btissem hanafi review btissem hanafi
So basically I just sat down to play stick hero. And my goal at the end of the day is to reach at least 100 cherries. Same today. But as I start playing I don't find any cherries on my path. "That is weird!" I say to myself. I try to double tap to get cherries it doesn't allow it. So I go to the home page to see how many cherries I have ..... the icon isn't even there??? Despite that concern, love the game its so much fun ! For u people who are looking for a fun catchy game to play here is the perfect game. Please download so much fun and a great game to put on your device!
A Google user review A Google user
I give this app three stars because its a good game to play and also very addictive. I first played this game at my BF's (best friend, for those who dont who what BF means) and i liked it and downloaded it on my phone. To improve my rating the things that the games creater could change are: if you get a cherry u shouldnt have to reach the platform to get it as this isnt fair cos cherries get u more stick people and the stick people cost alot of cherries. That is my view on this game. Thx
David Gordon review David Gordon
I downloaded this game about a month ago. I can not seem to reach my high score of 72. Although, I average about 40. Overall, it is a decent game, and a good time - waster. I don't know why a lot of people complain about the ads. If you do not want the ads, do not download free games. Simple as that. I like the walking / stick version better than the water melon slashing one. I find that one to be a little bit too easy.
StarWatcher02 review StarWatcher02
OK. So, I installed the app because it looked fun, the art style was very attractive, and it was free so I figured that if I didn't like it I wouldn't be losing anything. And ya know what? It was fun and very attractive. And when I failed it reminded me of Wiley Coyote falling off of a cliff so it made me laugh every time. However, it made my phone freeze and I would have to restart it. It's probably just my phone, so try it out for yourself. Great game, it just didn't work for me. Literally.
Alyssa Marx review Alyssa Marx
It's a very addictive game. I think the little character(s) are adorable. The only complaint I have is when you grab a cherry and then you fall because the stick isn't long enough-in my opinion you should still get the cherry put in your "bank". I also like the watermelon level.
Kriti Shah review Kriti Shah
I like the game and sure it's repetitive after a while but most games are. At least this one keeps you on your toes. However, I feel it's unfair that my cherries don't count if I die. They should count whether I make it to the next podium or not. In addition, the watermelon mode is quite fun, but it is ridiculously hard.
Alzina Syed review Alzina Syed
Amazing game...nice timepass.. I love this game.. It is good for kids and I enjoy playing this.. The game doesn't hang and I can't just stop my fingers writing the review.. In the first level o thought it's going to be hard but to my surprise it was easy and smooth... And I loved.. For hours I kept playing it untilthe battery was dead!! The other parts of the game are nice as well especially the voice one!!! Do download?
Alyssa Kay review Alyssa Kay
This game needs to sort out the cherry situation because I had enough cherries to buy the last guy and I bought it but no character came please fix this. Overall a really addictive game not ketchapp's best but still pretty good
Catherine James review Catherine James
I loved this game. It's a great time killer and challenging. I love the new level too. Oh and for all the haters of this game I just have to say to all the haters of stick hero that it's a great game and u didn't make it. U probably couldn't do better that take a screen shot of some picture put it on the app store and call it a game.
Ryan Schoeman review Ryan Schoeman
Game pretty good, concept is interesting. Only issue is the random stuttering at the start of the level, meaning I'll press to extend the pole and nothing will happen until it's either too long or it hasn't extended at all. this does make the game somewhat unplayable 50% of the time
Ja'neese Dixon review Ja'neese Dixon
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Eliana TheNinja review Eliana TheNinja
Its cool. I like how when you just finish quickly and not a lotta sound. I hate it when your so close to finish but still don't make it. And there are so many ads and scams about downloading your apps. I am a very big fan of your production but these ads are getting way outta hand. In conclusion, remove ads and cool game!!! Keep going!! I still support you guys!! (And girls)!!
Kai Li Lee review Kai Li Lee
This game is just about guessing and PURE LUCK. I hate it when the line over exits the platform and the ninga drops of and when I tap for the ninga to go down to collect the cherry, sometimes the ninga doesn't even go down at all. But when I manage to make it go down to collect the cherry, the number of cherries at the top does not increase. I would not recommend this game
Chloe Simpson review Chloe Simpson
This game is fun but its one of the games I don't play often. It is also sort of frustrating when you are like there its just like a little off and you think your there and then you fall off and die. I don't think this is one of ketchup's best games. But I still like to play it sometimes.
Uma Allen review Uma Allen
I have been looking for an addictive game for ages and this is the icing of the cake. I cannot stop playing. For some people that's a bad thing but i'm really bored with my other games. This one is the most fun and really tests your ability to judge correct length. An awesome game.