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About this product

Stack up the blocks as high as you can! Lite version without AR support!

Stack the Blocks Lite description

he game consists of block moving back and forth on top of another block and Player ’s
goal is to stop the block exactly on top of the underlying block to create a tower of blocks
as high as possible. If the incoming block does not overlap with the underlying block at all,
it’s game over.
If stopped when the block is exactly on top of the other, the block is stacked with exactly
the same size as the underlying one. If failed to do so, the part that is left outside of the
underlying block will be chopped off and fall down. The next block will be of this new
block’s size. As a result, the blocks will get smaller increasing the difficulty as the game
Every stacked block adds to the Player’s score. A particular number of scores will give one
diamond. Diamonds can be used to buy skins which can be applied to the blocks.
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