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Sports Star Love Story in Rio
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Sports Star Love Story in Rio 1.2 apk, update on 2017-03-12
Welcome to "Sports Star Love Story in Rio"!

The BIG games are approaching! As a talented gymnast, you are working very hard to climb to the top step of the podium, but there's still room in your athlete life for that one true love. Besides, for many guys, nothing's cuter than a sporty chic! Will it finally be the year you meet the guy of your dreams?

In Sport Star Love Story, it's up to you to choose that one perfect dude! Paul's an amazing swimmer who always look after you in the national team. He has a great smile and a great sense of humour, he is every girls' dream guy. Ethan is a talented journalist who will cover your action in Rio. He appears to be a bit shy, however you found out that he only behaves like this when you are around!

Make a trip to Rio to compete with the best of the world! This story-based game lets you choose your path and find your true love. Check out the hot hangouts in Rio! Watch other athletes compete! Everything you do leads you to the big moment. Are you going to bring home the glory? Are you going to be on the top step of podium in the gymnastic competition? Which guy are you going to pick?

HAVE fun with both the tournaments and in down town Rio!
CHOOSE between two hot guys: Paul and Ethan
LEARN new things about each guy
DESIGN the best cheering T-shirt
ENJOY a makeover and compete to be the best gymnast in the world!

Explore the story, from dream to romance to friendship to adventure!

Bluebell Lush Interactive is a studio that pledges to provide entertainment for millions of teens around the world. We want to bring stories and style to our audience through the magic of mobile technology. Our team follows the global trends closely and we strive to provide you the most up-to-date FUN in the palm of their hands!

Sports Star Love Story in Rio APK reviews

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Marie Diodati review Marie Diodati
Best game ever ❤
Plz make more like this. I have played and 5 stared all of your love story games . They are the best games ever. For your next game u could make the 3 main characters could be people that just graduated college went on a cruise ship with all of their friends from college that took them to the Bahamas and once they got to the Bahamas there was a big festival to celebrate graduating college and everyone needs a date just like prom
Donna Sloan review Donna Sloan
I have played ever one of bluebell lushes games and there all amazing i just wish tjey would carrie out the story but other than that it was awesome and one more thing they should make it 3 guys instead of 2.
Juliet Paul review Juliet Paul
Loved it ??
I have played all games of bluebell lush interactive... And they r all so awesome ???? I hope that u guys will continue to make such good games and keep ur fans happy ☺??
javeria maher review javeria maher
Really really loved it
In the starting, game was boring but as I continued playing it was amazing cute and lovely make more games please and fast I get confused who to choose but great music and perfect storyline and graphics are great I really want to give ??????????????????????????????stars
krishnendu ganguly review krishnendu ganguly
So cute girl but please make borders of the girl more light colored so that it may look more real make the lipstick more light colored and after you do their makeup the eyeshadow and blush look s black
Shinta Dhira review Shinta Dhira
I like this game honestly. But i hate this saving thingy, and the most annoying things in this game is the crashes! I play this game and suddenly it's crashed, and when i start continue, it's start over again in the first scene, even though i already save it!! Please fix this asap! Because i really want to recommend this game to my friends. Thanks. Note: i really appreciate your hardwork on making this game, but the trouble just too much.
Alyssa Morgan review Alyssa Morgan
I love this game. It is really cool but pls fix it after every so long I play it, it says not responding and I saved the game, now when I say continue it makes me start all over again.
mashimaro review mashimaro
Great story but..
it keeps kicking me out and restart half way.. I really wish to complete this game.. pls fix the bug ASAP. Thanks! ♡♡♡♡♡
I love it but
It keeps on crashing! And when I start playing it goes back from the start. pretty pleeeaase! Fix this! I really love it! Pleaseee! ??
Perfect but.....
It's actually perfect! But, I think this game expected or want me to pick Ethan but sorry, I love Sean's attitude. Well, it's actually perfect. I want games like this. Please make more. Thankyou
Ashlee Thomas review Ashlee Thomas
Can only play half the game? What's the point.
Stephanie Thornton review Stephanie Thornton
Cute story! The only thing I would suggest is not asking the questions at the end, it kind of puts a damper on things. Just let those things go unsaid. It should end with them enjoying being together after all their hard work, the end. :)
Dedeepya A review Dedeepya A
Are you kidding me?
Well each game like this I play 2 t & uninstall. Before 5 mins I completed playing it the 1st time. There were 0 crashes. It went smoothly & there were not much ads. I liked it. It never crashed.
Kennesha Sam review Kennesha Sam
It's great but every time it crashes it starts over and you lose everything. Please fix that if you would like more people to play this game because it is very frustrating to us all having to start from the beginning over and over again.
Diksha Gaur review Diksha Gaur
I only wanna say one thing - Bluebell Lush your great in making games. This game is awsome with nice story and please keep making games like this????????