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Sports Social 1.23 apk, update on 2019-03-15
Sports Social is what’s going around you and what satisfies your passion for sports!

It is world’s first Sports Social Networking application by true means. With the diversified offerings for every age group, Sports Social stands out to be the unique application in social networking. The features include:

1. Arena: Shows the matches near you with the information of players participating, venue, time, NAVIGATION. Options to Join, Promote, Watch, Comment!

2. Popular: Every locality witnesses the most active sportsperson, he should be recognized on Sports Social.

3. Profile: Create your detailed Sports Profile, let everyone know your playing style, thrilling moments, achievements and favorite professionals.

4. Username: Create unique username and get recognized by your sports!

5. Social: Use sports for socializing and it is the best social networking so far! Start your conversation for sports, meet amazing people, chase your sport with them.

6. Locality: Find and help others in finding venues near them. Tag the grounds useful for playing! Create a sporty locality only on Sports Social.

So, what are you waiting for ? Let's be social for sports and create a great atmosphere for sportspersons!! #ChaseYourSport #SocialforSports #SportsisthenewSocial

Sports Social APK reviews

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sadhak gour review sadhak gour
no one use in my locality hope soon everyone available here
Akash Agarwal review Akash Agarwal
Is proxy not supported by the app?
Sklen Io review Sklen Io
Crashes on start up, don't know why
Vishal Kumar review Vishal Kumar
Great app!!
Rakesh kumar review Rakesh kumar
Only Way to login is Facebook. I can't understand why everything is dependent on facebook. Can't you allow to login via email or something else
sanchit sharma review sanchit sharma
Can't login even with high-speed Internet
Abhinav singh review Abhinav singh
Completely different app found playstore. Way to go...?
Setha Rama Raju review Setha Rama Raju
Hi n
ankur singh review ankur singh
Well Done..??
awesome app for the gaming geeks...loved it..good job...
Ankit kanaujia review Ankit kanaujia
Suprb app..user interface is awsm nd it is a smooth going your sport stay fit
shikhar kanaujia review shikhar kanaujia
User interface is good nice app for all sports lover
Himanshu Kr.Sinha review Himanshu Kr.Sinha
A new hub for all of the sports lovers just like me. Must download it and stay connected with your sport and its minded lovers.
Akash Chauhan review Akash Chauhan
The app is great. The best thing of this app is that it lets me connect with like minded sports loving people. My advice to the developers is to work a bit on the UI as it becomes a bit difficult to understand to understand what is going on in the app.
Mayank Varma review Mayank Varma
One of the finest sports app I've came across. What I loved the most is that it help to connect with the people with same interests. Loved the app.
Shashank Agarwal review Shashank Agarwal
I played Kho Kho last time when I was 11. I thought this game is lost. But after joining the sportsocial, I found it on a whole new level. There are some events organized by college students where I got to play it again. It was really a lovely day and I was like enjoying my childhood game again. Thank you to the developers for all these. ?