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Create expenses, expense notes, mileage claims and daily allowances

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Stay productive anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait for your receipts to pile up to treat them. Do it in real-time with Mobilexpense’s mobile App. Designed for large and small companies, the compliance with VAT rates, legal and fiscal regulations in each of our clients’ operating countries enables the users to manage their expenses with no fuss.
*This app is an add-on to MobileXpense’s existing solutions. It will only be accessible for existing users who activated the mobile functionality*
Once activated, just download the App on your Iphone device to benefit from all the functionalities that you are already using on your computer.
This App enables users of Mobilexpense to:
- Enter and edit expenses, manage attendees
- Enter mileages (**use Google Maps to automatically calculate your mileage)
- Enter and edit allowances
- Upload receipts (**take pictures of your receipts)
- Create, submit or cancel reports
- View the pending expenses
- Approve or reject expense reports and travel requests from other users

** Only for our customers who asked us to activate this functionality
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