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SpeedMoto 1.1.7 apk, update on 2016-01-14
SpeedMoto is a 3d moto racing game with simple control and ecellent graphic effect.
★Just swap your phone to control moto direction
★Tap the screen to accelerate the moto
★In this game you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts, forest, snow mountain,bridge. More and More maps and motos will coming soon

SpeedMoto APK reviews

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Ishwant Singh review Ishwant Singh
Good enough..... I mean this game is d best in leisure tym..... I enjoyed alot....... In this game there are no opponents to ourselve & our competition is with ourselves only like by creating new high scores of yours..... This game runs thru d motion sensing dat which looks awesome and is really much attractive to me.... Thanx to d game creating team for making dis game.... Superlike game & i wish to give more dan 5stars if available but for now 5stars to dis game as it deserves truely.....
T Glen Wondrews review T Glen Wondrews
Good game but,
I like this game ,the only pro is the sound when u grab coins is childish, the stability of the racing is not firm and smooth. More so, speed not good like other race games. & not too serious wen vehicles try to block uer way, they just skip not smooth. But i love the idea,lastly make the bike man more real and chimney . I tell u will enjoy 5 star rating & downloads if do so
Sayed Muhammad Adil Shah review Sayed Muhammad Adil Shah
Crashes and all high scores, coins, shopping become zero
Pros: The gameplay is addictive. Regarding objection of other friends that this game has no levels is not an issue bcoz the gameplay is all about how long you survive and the game become harder as you survive. Cons: The game crashes often and all efforts made for high score, shopping etc become zero bcoz of sudden crash. Ads during game at time that confuses you and at place that deviate your concentration I.e. top of screen from where obstacles come.
Macqoy58 Ephraim review Macqoy58 Ephraim
Very good. It relieves you of boredom. But from the little I hav played I see the change of lanes by other road users are the same and predictable for every play. This makes it static rather than dynamic. It is challenging in the sense that at some points it's really hard to avoid a crash but you keep thinking you can better your score.
Micromax A240 review Micromax A240
Could be the best game.
Hey developer team its the simple nut interesting racing game with no bla bla stuffs. But this could be better working on movements n points. And a race like theme. If we cud hv some racers too to race an end. Overall thumps up....
awesome game
speed moto is a vry interesting game, evry time I make the high score & go to the shop the bike spees is coooolll......but there were crashes n traffic is more but u gyz could'nt care about dis , u plzz instll this game n enjoyd it.... I give 5 stars bcoz dis game deserves it n thnks to the team who create dis game ,, I enjoyd a lot...
Keyur Patel review Keyur Patel
Only a common sound, poor quality of images. The game is crashing in between. Pls improve graphics that will make it more interesting to play.. I am sorry for such harsh comment.
Haren Keshaav review Haren Keshaav
Hated it
When iam going a truck comes and crash with me in the fourth level. And advertistments cant anyone stop the advertistments i hate it really. And when i play a game and ceep the phone and play tommorow the new motto bike and the stuff i bought shop are gone i realy realy realy hate the game.
A Google user review A Google user
It's a nice application, sensitive and enjoying. I expect more and different game apps, the only negative aspect is that there're no targets for reward you only run until u crush! Build it up.
Uzair Khan review Uzair Khan
Pathetic way to copy speed car.. You guyz suck.. I suggest all of you guys plz dont download this game. Its waste of time.
Dottie M review Dottie M
I like the game but it crashes constantly. I have to restart my phone to play it. I have a Galaxy S Blaze. If that was fixed, I'd rate it 5 stars! :(
Joshua Foli review Joshua Foli
Its a nice app. You enjoy it most when playing off line. But try to fixe this problem of starting all over again when you crush. At least you should be able to continue from where u end
Rashmi B R gowda review Rashmi B R gowda
very nice game and easy to play. .but once moto will get accident then again it wil come with 1st stage its very boring. otherwise i vil giv 5start. plz adopt this feature.
Mishael Amponsah Adjei review Mishael Amponsah Adjei
Well this game helps you not to feel bored at the place. It awakens your driving senses to be careful whenever you are infront of a steer while. Lastly it shows me the essense in putting on Helmet whiles on a motorbike
When i try to play this game it covered a black shadow and i do not see the bike to play. pls rectify other than it will be like a garbage.