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English Speaking Practice - Learn English Conversation - Speak English Well

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Your handy English learning app
If you are looking for an app to improve your English Conversation, Listening skills and help you speak more fluently, this English learning app is suitable for you.

Various and practical English learning resources
All sounds of the app are in American English accent that is widely used in study, daily life and work around the world. This app also includes the list of most common words and phrases used in daily English conversations. It will help you speak English smoothly and encourage you to learn English with enjoyment and lots of fun.

A companion for your English speaking practice
Our application has a lot of communication sentences classified into many real English conversation topics that will be an effective tool during your English speaking practice.

New English lessons and features will be updated regularly.

Features of "Speak English Fluently":
★ List of English conversations with 2 levels: beginner and intermediate
★ List of most commonly used sentences and expressions
★ Record your voice, then the app will be able to compare your voice with original sentences
★ Most commonly used words and sentences in daily situations
★ Necessary English Idioms and Phrases
★ Bookmark your favorite lessons
★ Online audio mode: save your sdcard's storage
★ Offline audio mode: can use this app on the go

Wish you will gain many achievements in learning English with our app.
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