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About this product

High sound effects, deep bass effects and more

SoundWave 3 TV description

Please do not pass without reading the application descriptions.

About the application;
This app is the TV special version of the SoundWave 3 app on mobile devices. You can manage your TV's noise level, bass level, virtualization level and equalizer settings.

About the full version application;
Management of equalizer settings and virtualization features are only included in the full version application.

Notice about the application not working;
Features in the app depend on the system libraries available on your device. Some of the devices lack these libraries. In this case, the application may not work on some devices. We recommend that you turn off other equalizer applications on your other device so that the application can run more smoothly.

Information about refunds and returns;
When the paid Plus version of the application is purchased, a refund is provided only if you are not satisfied within the first day. No refunds will be provided for any time period after the first day. Please contact us for other returns and conditions.

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