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Snapchat apk, update on 2018-08-14
Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

Snapchat APK reviews

Andrew klauditz review Andrew klauditz
On IOS this app works flawlessly. But on android it sucks. If you're ever trying to submit a long story it always humbles up the order of you snaps. Even if you record, review, submit and wait for all the snaps from 1 recording to load it'll jumble them up. I really don't get why snapchat on android is such a mess.
A Google user review A Google user
ah.. first i wud say.. it is a good app fr photos.. n also v can chat.......... as personal or it ur wish.. v can add story on it.. it disappears after 24 hours.. n my fav one is maps.. if v on our location.. on our frnds phn.. it shows wt we r doing.. like.. im sleeping.. the sound zz... comes.. out.. n if v r listening to the music.. it shows headphones n symbol of music.. if v r traveling in aeeoplane or car or bus.. it appears our emoji on the vehicle.. thats it more to be known!
Zachary Watson review Zachary Watson
I would love to say Snapchat is a great social media outlet and for the most part it is. My only real complaint is that's it's core feature is dulled on Androids. They made the app custom to Apple products yet decided to find a loophole that was easier for them for Android. I use the app daily and constantly get asked why my pictures look worse yet I have a camera just as good if not better than the top model iPhone. I would give this app a five star rating if they had put the time in and made it so that the app would utilize the full capabilities of an Androids camera not just a screenshot of the camera screen.
Jessica Ruacho review Jessica Ruacho
All of my stickers disappear and no I didnt delete them I dont even know how to. This always happens, and I dont know when it happens I only find out when I add a knew sticker and come to find that all of my 100+ stickers are gone. I cant even get them back most of them are not from seperet pics.
Aida Amore review Aida Amore
They really need better tech support / customer service!!!! My Snap has not been working properly since the new update a while ago. I've tried everything, such as updating the app, reinstalling it, etc....nothing has resolved the issue!! I can only record one video at a time and I know it's not my phone causing this problem. I've had this exact same phone and used it before prior to them updating the app and never had any issues! I've tried contacting tech support many times and no luck! It's just incredibly frustrating. I don't understand how they can just ignore customers complaints/ problems with the app!!!!
Edwin.F .N review Edwin.F .N
Android version of the app is brolen while ios works flawlessly even on older models. Plus we get updates later and the service goes down. Even on am s6 i still get lag and stuttering.
Garrett Uecker review Garrett Uecker
The camera software itself for android is trash. It doesnt allow me to use my wide angle lense or any other LG G7 software things on the camera.. It basivally takes a garbage screenshot of what the camera sees. And it doesnt allow me to change the mode so its always in 18.5:9 and all of my friends are confused why my pictures are skinny and dont loom great even though I have a top of the line LG that was released this year. Snapchat... Fix the software use OEM software PLEASE .
Brad McKillip review Brad McKillip
Update: even worse now, takes 2-3 tries to get it to work. Buggy, slow, choppy, and lags way more than Instagram, Facebook, or others. Unusable in its current form if you want to be fluent.
Damian Riegel review Damian Riegel
App is terrible for my Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra after recent update. The back front facing camera lags so much now unless there's specific lighting. Please fix this, I may uninstall the app because of how much its pissed me off.
emily marsh review emily marsh
For some reason I can't use any of the filters on either front or rear facing camera! Wish you could fix the problem as it's always worked on the past but for some reason it's stopped all of a sudden. Hope it gets sorted soon or else I will be deleting
Chris S review Chris S
As of lately it's not been working correctly. Very slow to send multiple video message. It would say failed to send. I try to shoot troubleshoot myself I delete it old stories ive saved and it seem like it helped a little bit but then it did not.
missMarie8508 review missMarie8508
Just upgraded my phone to LG G7 thinQ .. when using main camera it blurs and when using front camera with filters when I take a picture it deletes the filter off of it and it's just a regular photo and is also blurry. Takes forever to snap photo as well. Hope they fix what ever is wrong.
Princess Nastajia review Princess Nastajia
I just got a new update on my Moto Z Droid and it's not working at all, it won't even open the application. I deleted the app like 6 times and it still won't work. Can you guys please fix this 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hamza Jallad review Hamza Jallad
I want to sue snapchat for making everything suck on Android this is unfair treatment for Android users my phone is 23 mp camera and snap shows a resolution of 3 mp and it is very laggy snapchat must be stopped for being IOS biased.
A Google user review A Google user
This app is wonderful it has"Good fliters" I mostly use the ones I love but sometimes It a move like it want to update. When you open the app to use a fliter it come off.
Entertainment Adda review Entertainment Adda
First of all This app is Bigger in size then Insta and fb and 2ndly no matter what phone u use it will Lack in every phone. Camera takes few seconds to response and sometimes the snapchat didnf response and phone hang. i am using samsung S8 and still facing this problem.
T. Jordan review T. Jordan
I love the filters except the one with the pink, yellow & white flowers it's played out...other than that I love the app... Don't like the new update from a few days ago plz go back
Nicole Angela review Nicole Angela
Since the update, I can't send a snap without being kicked out. Even when I open it, it quickly shuts down. If this happens with every update then I am saying goodbye to Snapchat for good. This is beyond ridiculous.
I don't like it. you can clearly read my SIM card and see that my number is such and such but you're still rejecting my account set up because someone else is using the number.
Ramon Rivas review Ramon Rivas
Please add Adaptive Icons support to the app shortcut. This was added in Android version 8.0. The app is slowly coming close to making full use of it. The square icon makes it so I keep the app in my app drawer since it looks off compared to other apps.
John O'Doe review John O'Doe
Since update, I see zero stories from friends. Have to uninstall, the re-install to see, then the exact same happens. Now I can't see ANY Snaps from update. 5 emails, 0 Responses.
A Google user review A Google user
My flash got messed up and now the camera quality sucks and that started to happen 1-2 days ago please fix this problem and I'll give it 5 starts
Anshul Mistry review Anshul Mistry
Why does snapchat doesn't have universal filters ? Today it is Pakistan's Independence Day. I'm an Indian, Tomorrow it is India's Independence Day. Tomorrow there will be filters for us, Why not for other events also ? Why do we only celebrate our events ? Can we not celebrate other country or religion's events ? Snapchat you need improvement.
Tina Jones-Thomas review Tina Jones-Thomas
Every since the update, I can't see some of my friends stories until the next day. The app keeps crashing, and not showing all my videos.
Denise Boswell review Denise Boswell
Its okay. I used to use snapchat alot but now that it goes really slow and buffers when I try to use a filter. But other then tht its like tht
Faraj Jamous review Faraj Jamous
Snapchay run smoothly on iphones and camerq quality is picture perfect than it is on the Android version of snapchat it is so bad that it makes me wanna buy an iphone .. and i have a note8 😕 .. there's a lot of complaints about it ur tech supports need to be fired for ignoring theese problems
aayush kalra review aayush kalra
Any picture clicked is not saving in the gallery. It just buffers and shows 'saving' but no further. Neither I can open any story it just shows black screen. Android user - one plus 5T. Please check.
Mandeep Saini review Mandeep Saini
pathetic customer support... they don't even bother to read e-mails.l, sending automated responses
A Google user review A Google user
The notch problem is irritating. I have disabled notch option still I can't see the name of guy who has posted the story due to the notch area
Aleisha Johnson review Aleisha Johnson
Constantly having to restart the app because it freezes. And now with this new update it wknt let me view all videos. Literally loads it then turns black.
A Google user review A Google user
I cannot log in with the same email but different number. I don't have a recovery code! I needs to get into my snap!
Jennean Peck review Jennean Peck
If this app gets any glitchier I'm gonna rename it missingno. It keeps crashing, crashes my phone, doesn't properly record video, doesn't load, etc.
Ronda D review Ronda D
Latest update July 25, 2018 continually crashing. Can't refresh stories and takes forever for friends stories to load. Not able to view them when they do load
Saul Torres review Saul Torres
It runs SUPER SLOW i usually have to wait a while before I can take a picture or record a video
lilaclove heart review lilaclove heart
Not too good at targeted ads and when ever I try to hide a news/trending story it comes back after 1 week....
A Google user review A Google user
Just terrible on Android. Snapchat...why even make an Android app if it's not even half as good as iOS? What a joke.
A Google user review A Google user
OMG it's dope like it 🔥🔥though I'm a grandma but doesn't mean e fun stops 😏
Brandy none review Brandy none
Kinda dumb you can take a three minute video in a snap but can't send a one minute video from your camera roll saying it's too long. The hell is that.
Asad Ali review Asad Ali
It has getting better. It would be good if u can see friends story on the discover side and leave the messaging side for just messaging people
Rayyan Khan review Rayyan Khan
Snapchat !!! Can I expect a few aesthetic filters in future 🙏 I did love the glitch ones those were too good I swear and yes thanks for fixing the lighting problem in my HTC ONE M9+ ..hoping for you to respond to my request #snapchatisthebest

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