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The best app for delivery management

SmartShip description

SmartShip (SS) is a smartphone application, web site that supports interactions between the carrier and the carrier.
SS also integrates an optimized transport management system for the enterprise. By optimizing distance, machine learning (ML) helps solve the problem of warehouse management, transport vehicles in the most effective way.
SS is integrated technology solutions, optimized algorithms for mobile applications using Android and iOS operating system. To solve the problem of Shop and Shipper connection simple, effective and safe. In addition, the SS provides automated tools (BOT) that automatically group orders posted on Facebook applications on an instant basis. Super speed on the cloud computing platform of Google and Facebook. Get Shipper to receive the fastest.
SS has only one version of the app that is common to both Shop and Shipper. Once installed, you must select either Shop or Shipper. If you want to use both roles you have to create two separate Shop and Shipper accounts.
When Shop using SS Order Shipper. The order will be sent immediately to all Shippers on the map from near to far until the Shipper accepts the Application or the Cancel Shop. Order information is also posted to the largest Ship groups on Facebook today. So shoppers can find the most reputable shipper in a few minutes with the ship price determined by the Shop.
The SS application is a completely free application. We launched the $ SS unit only for Shop and Shipper by organization. For example: Supermarkets, chain stores, companies, shipping groups want to integrate the prestigious Shop version, prestigious Shipper.
+ Manage transportation, warehouse easily, optimize system, labor
+ Optimal cost management, storage
+ Transparency.
Easy import / export management thanks to integrated bar code scanner and QR code
+ Transportation reporting and evaluation support
+ Electronic invoice support.
+ FAST, FAST SHIP: Just 3 simple steps Shop can create an order.
+ FUNCTION: Track status by status. New, Ready, Delivered, Delivered. Statistically and financially clear each cycle. E-mail receipt sent to email when completed. Look up the order journey anytime anywhere through the application or here: http://smartshipapp.com/chia-se-hanh-trinh.
PRESTIGIOUS GUARANTEE: System of assessment, verification, authentication, history of bills of lading, see Shipper information via Facebook account. Help Shop can choose the most prestigious Shipper.
+ FREE FULL FEATURE: The app is completely free on the market.
+ Get orders quickly and easily with GPS positioning when used.
+ View the history of the shop, the shop should limit the risk.
+ Helps Shipper collect apples from all popular facebook groups including closed and open groups.
+ Active time.
+ Suitable for many ages, work type like Student, guard, cab driver, freelance shipper, professional shipper, shipper company.
Application support nationwide. Priority Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/smartshipapp/
Website: http://www.smartshipapp.com/
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