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Skyward 1.3.3 apk, update on 2016-01-10
A great journey to the sky starts with a single step.

Through dynamic escher-style labyrinths you will reach your inner peace in this endless one-tap-one-step game.

Get higher scores to unlock new patterns and beat everyone in the leaderboard!

Skyward APK reviews

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Norrie Thompson review Norrie Thompson
Could be better
I semi enjoyed this game. It was a good concept and well presented except for a few things, the dot was not landing in perspective and when going from vertical to horizontal the perspective was skewed also the speed up seemed like a punishment shortening your step time. The adds way too many adds more adds than i have ever seen in one game. Overall good needs some work
Ravi Jindal review Ravi Jindal
Excellent app, but no ads still has ads
This game is really fun to play and has a really appealing art style to it. Full screen mode would be nice as the button bar along the bottom is still there when I'm playing. What bugs me though is that I paid money for no ads, yet on the home screen there is a button to the game "tower". This is an ad and it says a lot that the developers would sneak ads into the ad free version of the game
Leslie Nutter review Leslie Nutter
Absolutely Awesome!
I love, love, LOVE this game! A simple premise that takes some skill but will easily keep you entertained for hours. Beautiful Escher-esque graphics. However, constantly having to close ads is beyond annoying and the reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5. Just move them to either the top or bottom of the screen and allow us to play the game uninterrupted.
Chris deGruyter review Chris deGruyter
A clean look and an incredible challenge!
Very challenging, and it keeps me trying. One small suggestion: the game fails you if you accidentally double tap quickly (usually just a twitch) maybe have taps under a 30 degree actual arc not count? Also, it seems like the turn rate is screen-oriented rather than axis-oriented... could just be me though.
ayasera _ review ayasera _
Nice game, nice idea and implementation, it's fun, the only thing is that I wished there was levels instead of only just moves.. I like challenging myself and surpass my old score, but I don't always get motivated because of that, maybe if it becomes three dots instead of two? I dunno but I hope you'll develop this game further more, other than that I guess I'm gonna score highest I can go and uninstall it :(
Candice Ann review Candice Ann
Would've given 4 stars...
If the ad wasn't right by my thumb. Plus the dots get glitches and cause me to miss my landing. Now the reason why I would not give 5 stars... I feel this game was inspired by Monument Valley. MV is truly an evolution of games as far as bending and opening the players mind to new possibilities and anyone who's played knows what I'm sayin. I believe everything good comes from inspiration. That being said, I feel this game is a step back in evolution in comparison to MV.
Oswaldo Netto review Oswaldo Netto
The video and the pictures don't make proper justice. This game is great, and possibly the greatest I've seen ever. Simple, yet hard. Easy tô learn, hard to master. Great gfx and soundtrack. It soothes and piss you off at the same time. Real good job on the devs! I'd give 6 stars if I could.
Laksito Pamilih review Laksito Pamilih
The graphic itself is a piece of art. The music is also good. Everything seems too good to be a mobile game. The gameplay is challenging, it will only makes you curious to try and try again. It's almost like Sisyphus and his rock. Or maybe that's the idea. The game brings you to a strange world with no explanation, meaning whatsoever. Or maybe I just need to go to sleep. Goodnight ever
Joonas Kilpeläinen review Joonas Kilpeläinen
Challenging for sure, also reminds me why I hate playing on mobile phone. I could see this working on a table so I cannot say but on mobile phone this thing demands too much accuracy and timing to be fun at all. I like it as an idea but I wish there was a zoomed in view for mobile because it just makes me want to throw my phone out the window. If you however are fast, accurate and precise and want a bit of a challenge this should be a satisfying experience.
Joseph Woodward review Joseph Woodward
Good game when it works. Is constantly blacking out when I try to start a new game which leaves me with no other option but to uninstall and reinstall the app. This causes my highscores and achievements to be lost which obviouslybgets pretty old. Good game but I can't seriously rate it higher than this if I can only play 3 or 4 rounds before having to scrap it and start over from the beginning. Fix this and you have yourselves a 4 or 5 star app.
jamie pittas review jamie pittas
One problem - I have a high score of 250 on my old phone HTC one m7, recently purchased a new phone, signed in with the same Google account and my high score has been reset to zero... Would be 5 stars if this can be fixed.
Cloeren Jackson review Cloeren Jackson
I always have an eye open for cool original games. Especially ones which only demand attention for a few minutes at a time. This game is simple to play but fresh and challenging. The one biggest drawback is it seems to require a few minutes after loading on my Moto G to settle down. At first it suffers huge lags and you just have to wait for the threads to settle before you can really start. Otherwise, great! Try putting out an ad-free full version for £1?
Sarah Slam review Sarah Slam
It is still crashing. Don't get me wrong though! I love the game! That's why I'm writing a review. (Never write reviews) but I am dissapointed as it is not letting me play. The game will load up but when I press to play, it will crash. Please do your best to fix it!
Mate Lorincz review Mate Lorincz
The new hardcore mode is ridiculously unfair since there are moving parts you have to be on and have to wait 1 round to be able to move again. Also, unbearable amounts of lag after an advert make the game unplayable
Nonya B review Nonya B
I was interested for a few minutes. This kind of twitchy game play is uninteresting because you want to look at the structure you are walking on. And to play, you need to quickly move to the next step in time with a bouncing circle, much to quickly to even have a momentary view of your surroundings. So in essence the visuals which attracted me to the game are not enjoyed because of the gameplay.

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