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Welcome to the free Sing Karaoke application by MediaStudio.

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38 ratings

Sing Karaoke - Record 2020 description

Karaoke Online is an application that allows you to sing 100% free Sing Karaoke.
The application has a mix of all the latest songs, HOT / HIT today. Karaoke singing application helps you entertain, comfortably show off your star tone. Join this app to share, discover, and discover the thousands of people who share your interests. In addition, the application also suggests the songs of the most popular singers today.
Want to experience mobile karaoke with standard vocals, sharp voice recordings, what else to think or download right away if you do not want to miss out on an enjoyable Karaoke experience.

With outstanding features of Sing karaoke:
✔ Karaoke special edition, ultra light, ultrafast, ultra cool.
✔ Sing like a star, especially you can record extremely sharp. Share to your friends, show off your vocals very interesting.
✔ With well-ordered catalogs, you do not have to worry about finding the one you love. Especially you can save songs you sing, you like to sing, you sing or that song.
✔ Playback: This is a great feature, you can listen to, share the moments you shine while singing karaoke, this is also a condition for you to evaluate your singing progressive or not.
✔ Search is a great tool in Team applications. You may not remember the song you can still find it. Interesting not.
✔ Sing! Karaoke has songs video source from youtube plentifully ,so you can find any song you want.
If you love Karaoke Singing Online! Please help us evaluate GooglePlay 5 ☆☆☆☆☆. We will always welcome your suggestions to improve the application further. If you have any questions you can contact us:
E-Mail: mediausstudi[email protected]
Thank you very much! Wish you have a wonderful moment with karaoke singing 2020
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