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Shoot Bubble Puzzle
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Shoot Bubble Puzzle 2.2 apk, update on 2018-03-20
Play the cool Shoot Bubble Puzzle for free! Featuring over 800 challenging levels wrapped with some amazing boosts and power-ups!

Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color or more to pop - Join the fun and smash all bubbles before you run out of shots!

? Fireball- pop 7 bubbles in a row and the fireball will burn bubbles on the way!
? Bomb- drop 10 bubbles or more and the bomb will burst the surrounding bubbles!

Exclusive Bubbles

? Slime Bubble –It slips and spreads, can you do something about it?
? Stone Bubble – Drop it using bombs and fire bubbles!
? Chained bubbles - Break its chains before you can pop it
? Diamond Bubble – Don’t bother trying to pop it, try to drop it

It’s a great fun game for the whole family to enjoy– you won’t stop playing!

All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

Shoot Bubble Puzzle APK reviews

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Todd LUSH review Todd LUSH
This game is alot of fun. Once u play u can't stop playing. The only thing I don't like is when I need more balls I have to watch a video and some time the game freeze up and then I lose my place and have to start all over UGH makes me so mad.I notice since I got to 260 the game freeze up more and when j try to get extra ball by watching a video or using ur dimonds it freezes up and still take ur dimonds. I enjoy this game and would love to keep going but it's making me made that I can't past the level 260 with out it freezing up on me. Hope they fix it soon :(
Chris Williams review Chris Williams
I enjoyed the game greatly except I was at level 389 and went to open it yesterday and level was 1. Very upset. This has happened before.
Alberta Carsamer review Alberta Carsamer
Why does the adds come with full volume even though I've muted the game. Mute the ads when i mute the sound and music on the app. Thank you.
The color shades run together making it difficult to see oink ou orange.
Bidemi Lasisi review Bidemi Lasisi
It's a very interesting game. I am addicted to it
Patricia Campbell review Patricia Campbell
It's a good, addictive game, the problem I'm experiencing is the video u play to get the free 3 balls goes to a black screen, then I got to start all over again..
Wanda Maxwell review Wanda Maxwell
This game cheats
Yolanda Harris review Yolanda Harris
Game is lagging wont advance to next levels. Have to forcestop after levels to get to the next level. Will uninstall if it continues to happen. Uninstalled game completely froze my phone. Had the hardest tome trying to get to the setting on my phone. Game kept freezing so it would only let me playvtge same level I passed. Uninstalled it's not the only game like this and adds pop up after each level.
Tammy Wunsch review Tammy Wunsch
Up until recently, I enjoyed the game. Now, the fact that you force me to watch a 30 second video between each game means I will stop playing. Not a good way to keep interest in your game.
Stacey Colgrove review Stacey Colgrove
Game freezes after certain levels complete. Also too many ad pop ups. Other than that I really like the game
Debra Popkin review Debra Popkin
It freezes up a lot. There are times that I have to win the level 4 to 5 times before it let's me go to the next. Just like 122. It really makes me upset when I use some of mine to get extra 5 shots to complete then it goes black on me. I have to start all over. There's been 7 times that I almost deleted this game. Please fix. I like this game. Don't mind the little adds.
Will Lowhoy review Will Lowhoy
I have played the same level about 6 times and used up all my gems to complete the game and it takes my gems I finish the game and it freezes and I have to start the game over again.... so annoying
Terri Bentley review Terri Bentley
I like the game however the freezing and video pauses and the forced advertising between each level that messes up your being able to advance is ridiculous. I'm uninstalling.
Nargis Khan review Nargis Khan
I love this game, it's so addictive but I'm really disappointed, I collected so many gems but for some weird reason the gems get taken with out even using them up.
A Google user review A Google user
Addictive wanting to spend more money to win