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Do sex offenders live in your neighborhood? Find out with Sex Offender Lookup.

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Find out the truth about the people you know with Sex Offender Lookup.

Are sex offenders lurking in your neighborhood?
Do you know someone convicted of a serious sex crime?
What do arrest records reveal about people you know?

Sex Offender Lookup can uncover the truth about registered sex offenders near you — plus give you a lot more information about people in your life.

Download Sex Offender Lookup, and you can access:

👮 Criminal Background Checks
🌎 Maps of Local Sex Offenders
📸 Sex Offender Mugshots
💯 And much more…

Find Out The Truth About Almost Anyone

Your neighbors and other people you know might be hiding a big secret. People aren’t always required to tell you if they appear on a sex offender registry. But one sex offender search can uncover the truth.

Just search anyone’s name for free and find their free basic background report. If you want to see available information about their sex offenses or other crimes, upgrade the report for an additional fee.

Free Basic Background Reports May Contain:

Full Name and Aliases
Date of Birth
Possible Relatives
Contact Details
Education Information

Premium Reports May Contain (Additional Fee Required):

Criminal History
Possible Photos
Sex Offenses
Arrest Records
Traffic Infractions
Professional Licenses
Weapon Permits
Properties Owned
Business Affiliations
Vehicle Information
And much more!

How People Use Sex Offender Lookup

Background Check Dates 😘
How well do you really know the person you’re meeting ? Run a sex offender search to see if they appear in the national sex offender registry.

Find Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood 🏠
Do you know where the sex offenders live on your street? Sex Offender Lookup can show you with a map of your neighborhood.

Identify Who’s Behind Strange Phone Numbers 📞
Who’s calling you? Sex Offender Lookup includes a reverse phone lookup feature that can put a name to that number.

Learn Someone’s Real Age 👴
Suspect that someone is lying about their age? Background reports might include birthdays, so you can find out if someone is fibbing about how old they really are.

Uncover Unknown Social Media Profiles #️⃣
Background reports can include information about a person's secret social media profiles. If your partner is creeping on people with a secret Twitter account, Sex Offender Lookup might reveal it to you.

See What’s On Your Background Report 🤔
What does your own background report reveal? Search your own name to discover what public records say about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sex Offender Lookup?

Sex Offender Lookup is way to discover registered sex offenders, pull background reports on people, and discover who is behind mysterious phone numbers.
Whenever you want more information about somebody, you can pull a background report right from your phone. Simply enter almost anyone’s name, age, and state. Upgrade any basic report to access premium data such as criminal records, sex offenses, and bankruptcies.

How Does Sex Offender Lookup Work?

Sex Offender Lookup compiles information from local, state, and federal records. These records come from county clerks, courts, and other organizations that make records publicly available. The app gives you the power the access this data by generating a map of local sex offenders and easy-to-read background reports.

What Sex Offenses Can Be Uncovered?

Sex offenses on a background report might include offenses such as:

Sex trafficking
Sexual assault
Indecent exposure
Possession and distribution of illegal content

You have the power to discover information from real criminal records about people you know. Download Sex Offender Lookup today!
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