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Hear clearly. Respond effortlessly. Interact live.

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277 ratings

Sennheiser MobileConnect description

This app is part of a WiFi audio streaming system for live events.
It enables barrier-free listening anywhere in the room, for example in universities or at multilingual conferences.
The new Audience Mic feature also allows it to be used as a microphone during Q&A sessions or discussions.

Exemplary Applications:
• Assistive Listening
• Q&A Sessions
• Live Translation
• Increased Focus

• Stream live audio over WiFi
• Use your phone as a talk-back microphone
• Adjust the app design to your preferences
• Sit where you want
• Increase your focus on the lecture
• Enjoy premium audio quality
• Use your own device instead of rental equipment
• Adjust the sound via Personal Hearing Assistant
• Browse the channel list or scan a QR code
• Connect your headphones, neck loop or preferred hearing aids
• Use VoiceOver as blind or low vision person

Made with love in Hamburg.

MobileConnect is a product of Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH (SST).
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