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About this product

Play the original Italian card game, Scopa classica, online and offline

Scopa Classica - Card Game description

Discover the most popular card game: Scopa Italiana, both online and offline !!

Download Scopa's most complete online card game for free.
Play quick or 11-point games. The traditional and original graphics will leave you in marble! You will also find in our Scopa game different game modes, you choose the number of players, alone or against other people! Play Scopa online even without registration!

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What you will find in our 100% Italian Scopa game:
Single player games, you decide what kind of game to play
Multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends or random opponents
Three different difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard)
Statistics of your personal progress in the game
Game customization; choose the type of deck and the table!

For your Scopa games, you can choose from many decks of cards available, from Neapolitan to Piacentine and Sicilian, and many more coming soon!

+ Bergamasque Deck
+ Brescian Deck
+ Milanese Deck
+ Neapolitan Deck
+ Piacentine Deck
+ Romagnole Deck
+ Tuscan Deck
+ Sicilian Deck
+ Trevigiane Deck
+ French Deck (poker)
+ Sardinian Deck

Scopa has many variations such as Ace takes it all (or ace takes it all), napola, re bello and scopetta.

Scopa is the perfect game for lovers of traditional Italian card games such as Briscola, Scala40, Traversone, Tressette or Burraco
Download the application now, we are waiting for you already! GOOD FUN!

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