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School Driving 3D 2.1 apk, update on 2017-02-14
School Driving 3D is an exciting game where you can learn the road rules and prove that you can drive a car in a real
world enviroment. School Driving 3D is a realistic simulator that allows you to choose between different cars, buses and trucks...
More than 40 levels with different driving scenarios are waiting you. Show off your driving skills, play School Driving 3D!

Mods Support
-The game now supports modding! Create your mods or download new ones!

Key Features
-Smooth and realistic car handling
-Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
-More than 40 levels (new updates every week)
-Free Ride mode avalaible
-Stunning 3D Graphics with realistic vehicles interiors
-Detailed damage system
-Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
-Online Leaderboards and Achievements
-Real engine sound for each vehicle
-Challenge your friends by sharing your score!
-New vehicles upcoming! (Requests on our Google+ page)

School Driving 3D APK reviews

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Deshaun David review Deshaun David
Worst game ever.
Hate the game its gliching out hate it just kidding best game ever its so realistic when u download it u will love it. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!
Speed Mini review Speed Mini
Awesome game..
But when I accelerate and speed up the car skids and yeah..the cars that are spinning around and flipping over are annoying and funny at the same time. Just fix these.
Smitch Butcher review Smitch Butcher
Please read
Very fun but the cars don't get dented that realistically. The other cars are so stupid they always bump me on my exams and I get punished for it. And level 5 on weather driving doesn't work. One more thing, why isn't there car logos such as mercedes also make environment more realistic cuz thare is only trees on the side of the road and not random
Chance Mccormack review Chance Mccormack
Liked it
It's a good game to drive in,realistic driving,good grapics,and good cars,but can you please add traffic jams
Farrouk Berraf review Farrouk Berraf
Amazing but
Hey developers i really love this game u done a great job there but i may have some suggestions i hope you take it in consideration so 1-what about adding the option to change the alignment of the manual gear box i like it at the left of the screen 2-some cars really needs graphic improvements in the inside like the Porsche and the Audi r8 and some for the driving wheel of the Lambor and the Bugatti 3-what about adding new cars? 4- hope u take this feedbacks seriously I've bein playing this game for months
Caitlin Liversgowdy review Caitlin Liversgowdy
Here's somethings you should fix: 1) the cars that drive around with you are difficult, they should have a upgrade. 2) the buses should have a back up siren, just like real buses do. 3) and also could you add like a neutral, so that we don't ong have to keep pressing the gas. But overall this game it AWESOME!!!????
A Google user review A Google user
I can't give 5 star to this game anymore. Before the update the city was with lights but now the city seem like they got power cut and the headlight of the car is nothing turning on and off isn't different please fix those problems.
Gaming Boss 259 review Gaming Boss 259
Best game ever, I love it, so realistic driving experience. Well done to who ever made it best game ever. The only thing I would say though is to fix the graphics because the houses and road are not that detailed. Please fix the cars aswell to be in the right lane. So when the car is in the right hand side lane he goes right, not if he is in the left hand side.
Izzy Esme review Izzy Esme
Its a fun game but i wish it woukd have an update for: more levels, variety in what you do, a scenary update and please fix the glitches with how the other cars are around you. Doing the exam part at the end of a level and then out of now where the car behind you hits you and you get blammed for the crash it quite annoying. But its still such a fun game!
A Google user review A Google user
Its a great game. The controls may be a bit wonky at first, but you'll get the hang of it. It is a really realistic simulation of actual driving. If you get really good at it and play it often, it can improve your driving skills in real life, for later when you start driving.
Peter Gilbert review Peter Gilbert
I decided to play this old game for memory sake and hope a developer reads this because I have found something that I have a leaned for a long time, but is in this version. What this is are weather conditions that actually affect the road conditions. For example, on the winter snowy riads, the car actually gives the simulation of driving on snow with that sound you get when driving over snow along with reduced traction that causes you to skid out like how you would in real life. In the newer versions though, in bad weather you still get the traction that you get with percent conditions which is not correct. I hope there is real snowy slippery roads and heavy down poor hydroplaning when Driving School 2018 is released!
Margaret Cerino review Margaret Cerino
It's a good game but the cars that you guys have driving around yeah you need to fix those. On the exam part I keep losing because the cars that are behind me keep crashing into me on the turns and IT IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!! But other than that it is a good game
A Google user review A Google user
It's a nice game. It helps me with my driving school experience because I have no fear of crashing, but at the same time my brain processes in the same way as on the road - I mean blinkers, slowing down before turns, road signs, etc.
Adam Faulkner review Adam Faulkner
This game has potential. But the traffic A.I is dumb. Pedestrian on crossing, so have to stop, then cars behind just keep going until they hav crashed into my car about 10 times. Also when going over a green light late, u can lose points bcos by the time u turn corner the 2nd light u pass through has become red, even though u can't see it. No country has road rules like that otherwise crossroads would get clogged up all the time.
Brendan Speight review Brendan Speight
the game overall is a great game probably the best car/driving game I have ever expanded but however when a pedestrian is crossing the road the car in front doesn't stop and if u stop and there's a car behind u it crashes into so can u please get the computer cars to recognize when to stop either that or don't take exp off us for when the cars hit us