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Schlotzsky's allows guests to connect anywhere, anytime and earn rewards.

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Schlotzsky's Rewards Program description

With the new Schlotzsky’s app, ordering food even faster is just the tip of the iceburg lettuce.

Features as serious as our sandwiches:

• EARN POINTS ON EVERY PURCHASE and make every dollar count towards free deliciousness.

• CUSTOMIZE YOUR REWARDS and choose your free gifts.

• ORDER AHEAD and forget about the line. Just forget it, it won’t exist for you.

• NO CONTACT DELIVERY gives you sandwich proximity while social distancing. Or just not wearing pants.

• CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER just like you would in the restaurant but without the judginess for not liking olives.

• SAVE YOUR FAV and make reordering easy as pie. But we don’t have pie. Easy as cookies? Now I want cookies.

Secret features we don’t tell anyone about except everyone that actually reads this:

• GET FREE GIFTS on your birthday. We don’t even need social media to remind us it’s your special day.

• PREVIEW NEW ITEMS as a VIP insider. Try things we haven’t released yet or just want your opinion on.

• REFER FRIENDS and you BOTH get free things. It’s like a pyramid scheme if the pyramid was made out of delicious sandwiches.

• GET CINNABON®. Most of our locations carry ooey-goeyTM Cinnabon. See which locations have it and order it right from the app (see delivery and no pants bullet point above).

Thanks for checking us out. We hope to get the opportunity to share some serious sandwiches and make it deliciously convenient.

CA Privacy Notice: https://www.schlotzskys.com/caprivacy

Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.schlotzskys.com/donotsell
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