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Scariest sound effects and horror sounds, spooky ringtones and more.

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Scary sound effects description

Scary sound effect is a soundboard application that offers the scariest sound effects and horror ringtones. Wide collection of creepy sounds such as ghost talk, evil laughter's, witch screams, zombie and sci-fi monster sounds effects, is perfect choice if you want to have some horror sounds on your phone. Most terrifying horror sounds will show you the true meaning of fear. Set some spooky sound effect as your ringtone, contact ringtone, sms or alarm and you will create scary ambient around you every time your phone rings.
This application is also ideal for Halloween and with great features such as loop sound you can make your costume even scarier when you are trick-or-treating. If you are a fan of horror movies there is no doubt that you will enjoy using this horrifying app. Eerie sounds and effects just a tap away from you, ready at any time! Get the creeps shiver and frightening sound effects for Halloween. Download this app now and get the scariest sounds on your phone for free!
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