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Sausages Jousting
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Sausages Jousting 1.4 apk, update on 2016-11-28
Sausages Genital Jousting is an online multiplayer party game about sausages genital jousting for up to eight players at once. Players control a sausage. Multiple game modes provide a different objectives: penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible or compete in absurd, silly and sexually suggestive games and challenges.

If this is somethng that makes you uncomfortable or sounds unappealing, please do not install or play sausages genital jousting, or even continue reading.

Online Multiplayer for Eight: Sausages Genital Jousting is more fun with friends and can satisfy up to eight players at once! Find a few willing partners, cuddle up on the couch, and go online to joust with anonymous players from all over the world.

Traditional and Party Modes: Dabble in the throbbingly fast-paced Traditional Mode or jostle your way through some stiff competition in Party Mode including challenges like Double Delight, Obstacle Intercourse, and Weiner Round Up.

Customize Your Member: Sausages of Genital Jousting come in all shapes and sizes so pick your favorite color and decorate it with the most appealing outfit to customize a sausage you can really get behind!
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B o b review B o b
No one is playing
Um no is playing this game i waited an hour so ya great job developers
Darkkitt 2ØØ3 review Darkkitt 2ØØ3
Idk how the game is because
There is literally no one playing this I am the FIRST DOWNLOADER
Kolby Burks review Kolby Burks
Lol, second
Still can't play though
Kamisa Sama review Kamisa Sama
I am the 3rd downloader. I came here from PewDiePie. There is no one playing.
Christian Oliva Sosa review Christian Oliva Sosa
I want to play this game
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