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Download this super RN Cleaner app and boost your phone speed a lot!

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RN Cleaner description

RN Cleaner is a beautiful and fast app specially designed for Android, focused on junk cleaner, phone booster, antivirus, Wifi test. This app can clear memory files to optimize your phone storage space. Install the RN Cleaner app and you can experience unprecedented speed.

Core Features:

⚡ Junk Cleaner
RN Cleaner can effectively release your phone's memory in real time, and make your Android phone experience more pleasant and convenient by cleaning junk files, cache files, and deep memory space.

🚀 Phone Booster
This function can speed up background applications, alleviate the problem of mobile phone freezes, and download applications on your mobile phone will become faster. Easy to use and helps speed up your phone by freeing up RAM.

🧐 Antivirus
Professional Android anti-virus function, comprehensive scan, help you protect your privacy from viruses.

📶 Wifi Test
Test WiFi upload and download speed and observe network status from time to time.

💕 More features will be updated soon! If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us.
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