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RIDE Passenger 0.21.1-LIGHTNING apk, update on 2018-08-16
RIDE is the #1 taxi hailing and booking platform in Ethiopia. You can call our dispatch center at 8294/taxi, or use RIDE FREE Passenger App to book/hail your next trip on the streets of Addis Ababa. NO surge pricing. Whether you need a ride to/from the airport, or a quick taxi service to get there on time, RIDE is the fastest and safest option in town. A pool of 750+ brand new, green and yellow taxi vehicles are on standby, on every corner, to service your needs, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, including Holidays.
Are you a tourist in Addis Ababa? You can pre-book a RIDE days ahead. A well-vetted Ze-Lucy Meter Taxi member driver arrives outside your stay, on time for a pickup. Instead of waiting on a hotel shuttle to fill up, you can use RIDE Passenger App to get a cab in minutes from anywhere in Addis Ababa. You’ll feel safe and accomplished by the day’s end, because our drivers are keen to your absolute convenience.

Booking or hailing a taxi on RIDE is so simple:
- Set your initial location on a map
- Set your destination location on a map
- Set the payment and booking schedule, and confirm. No worries, drivers accept cash.
- A nearby driver calls you after accepting the order to verify your exact location
- You can also see the driver’s picture, vehicle license plate and side numbers, and a brief info on the driver. After completing a trip, you can request a paper-based receipt, or review our e-receipt sent out to your email automatically, upon payment confirmation.
How do we elevate your experience? If you have a special occasion or want to sign up for a monthly billable corporate account, you can call our dispatch center to get a full assistance.

Want to email us? [email protected]

RIDE Passenger APK reviews

Yared Seyoum Woldehanna review Yared Seyoum Woldehanna
15 Birr/ Kilo Meter is way expensive. Without any economical justification it's being savage to increase price.
Daniel Michael review Daniel Michael
Doesn't send 'sms confirmation code'. And it's ridiculous for me to 'change my number', as Hybrid has replied to on multiple comments, just to use one app.
Marta Agujetas review Marta Agujetas
The app is OK but too often there are no drivers around. Other times drivers cancel the ride after accepting it in the app because they are too far. When you contact them by phone, some times is OK but one lady systematically hangs out in the middle of the call if she doesn't understand because her English is not good. A lot to improve I think...
pulse general review pulse general
In the new update the map is not showing , it showing a blank page the user can't see where it is
Opher Dach review Opher Dach
Usually works great
It's working very well...
A Google user review A Google user
I love this App! It's not confusing at all! It's easy and useful! People should really download this App because it would minimize the time they stand on the streets to wait for a random taxi. You just have to download this App on your phone and use it whenever you want. The drivers are quick and polite. I promise you won't regret it!!! I have been using this App since it started and I have never been upset. The cost is responsible too!!!! Would you rather stand in a line in the scorching sun for hours or download this App and get to where you want in less than an hour? Your choice!
William Rogers review William Rogers
I like the idea, but I could not register after several attempts. The app would not send me an SMS to register and the backup system of a phone call did not work either on multiple attempts to register. It was really inconvenient to not be able to register as I waited for a ride.
Eyoel Tiztaw review Eyoel Tiztaw
Ride was great in every aspect at the beginning, lately the drivers decline your request after accepting it without letting you know their reason.avoid your call. if there is a rating for every driver it would make them more responsible.
Denis Karema review Denis Karema
The RIDE app is flawless. The drivers are mostly online and available therefore you don't want for long to get a ride. I would recommend it anytime to individuals or corporates looking for convenience and best prices in Addis.
jane chirwa review jane chirwa
For Addis Ababa... this is perfect
Saskia Kloezeman review Saskia Kloezeman
If you need a taxi in Addis for an affordable fixed price just use this app. Drivers are trained and polite. You can give a review at the end of your trip.
Irshad Muttur review Irshad Muttur
really most convenient way to book taxi rides in Addis and to ensure you're paying the right fare. easy to use, efficient... goodbye to the bargaining with taxis,
Aman Bereket review Aman Bereket
It works well, and simple to use
Dimitry Yayehyirad review Dimitry Yayehyirad
It's very nice but I reinstalled it and I can't get activation text
Florian Manderscheid review Florian Manderscheid
Great service!
Nathan Mathewos review Nathan Mathewos
Very nice app, works perfectly fine, syncs with the drivers app well.
Rahul Pandit review Rahul Pandit
Fares should display together with destinations
የቅድሥት አርሤማ ልጅ ነኝ review የቅድሥት አርሤማ ልጅ ነኝ
Good Work!!!!!!
Ab Morphious review Ab Morphious
It's so great to see such a great app. Keep up the good work
በጣም ቀላል እና ተመራጭ
Endegena Taye review Endegena Taye
Love the simplicity of it all. Great app.
Salih Teleha review Salih Teleha
This a perfect choice when you think of a contract taxi. You will get detail information about the taxi and your trip on the app online.
Beamlak Tg review Beamlak Tg
Great app, carefully created to fulfill users demands and very easy to use.
atikilt honne review atikilt honne
በርቱ ከዚህ በላይ እንጠብቃለን ከእናንተ
basito Sami review basito Sami
በጣም ደስ የሚል ጅማሬ
abel luel review abel luel
Arif naw batam tatkamuit
A Google user review A Google user
I will appreciate it if the drivers drive faster a little bit
A Google user review A Google user
Its a nice app for ethiopian taxi users perfect app love it
habtamu soressa review habtamu soressa
Fast pickup and great drivers. Easy to use app. Loved it.
A Google user review A Google user
It's a Gr8 application.
A Google user review A Google user
What a nice app
A Google user review A Google user
Nahom Abera review Nahom Abera