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Master Technicians provide the right fix and parts for your vehicle’s problem.

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RepairSolutions 2

Do it yourself. As the only complete solution from diagnosis to fix, the all-new RepairSolutions 2 seamlessly pairs with our latest generation of Innova diagnostic tools, scan tools and code readers to deliver the most comprehensive automotive repair database with verified fixes from ASE Master Technicians.

Find the Problem.
Download the RepairSolutions 2 app for free and connect instantly with your Innova tool to seamlessly send detailed vehicle diagnostic reports to your mobile device.

Find the Fix.
ASE Master Technicians provide the right solutions for your vehicle’s problem. Receive custom-tailored repair information, troubleshooting instructions, and verified fixes that are cross referenced for accuracy against an entire index of vehicles and data collected for over 20 years.

Find the Parts.
Identify and purchase all needed parts instantly through your favorite online retailers. This new in-app feature makes it easier and faster to find the right quality parts to get the job done.

---- IMPORTANT ----
This app is free to install but requires the purchase of a 5xxx /3xxx series Innova Hand Held Tool, or the 1000 and 3215rs dongles.
This app will not work with older versions of Innova Tools or other dongles.
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