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Remix - Nonstop - EDM description

EDM music, musical floor, DJ - Remix is one of the music application on your phone androi. Have you ever participated in a music festival, or you've ever gone into any bar club, surely you can not forget about the tunes at extremely exciting and equally attractive. Together swaying to the music and soak up the passionate crowd, you expressed yourself, relax after hours of hard work. Applications built completely free, appropriate to your music anytime, anywhere entertainment just an internet connection.
*** Some features of the app ***
✔ Category richness, diversity includes all genres: Nhac EDM, Nhac synthetic floor, DJ Remix music, dance music, Elotric House.
✔ The interface is designed to be simple, beautiful, bring to the user-friendly features.
✔ Powerful search feature, search suggestions, search results matching the needs of each individual player, to easily search all your music by different genres.
✔ Save the songs that you preferred to playlist.
✔ The app runs smoothly, you can listen to music without being startled not even make its 3G high-speed traffic.
✔ Special: Support you listen to music when you're using a feature guests such as gaming, face, Zalo, ... With this feature can help you completely relaxed listening to music while gaming without sound off game.
*** *** Some other features
✔ The application supports playing music in the background, you can listen to music even when the app is turned off,
or are using other applications on the phone ✔ The app allows to play music automatically pauses when a call comes in or calls go somehow.
✔ Allows you to save your favorite songs and you can listen to them whenever you like.
✔ Allows you to shut down the music.
✔ The application supports you repeat all, shuffle, shuffle.
Experience the melody and harmony in the lively music with us. In the process of construction and application development, there are mistakes are inevitable, are looking forward to receiving comments and feedback from the community to applications increasingly better If you love go rated 5 stars to support us and do not forget to share this app to your friends. All comments please send to mail us or you can comment immediately in the comment section below.
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