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Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound
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Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound 6.0 apk, update on 2017-01-10
Stress is the source of the disease.
Did you experience stress-related illness?(stress anxiety, insomnia, depression and anxiety disorders and other mental disorders)
The 'Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound' present a supplementary resolution.
Anxiety, anger, depression, occur arises, Find your peace of mind and stability mental conditions the natural sounds and visual images

How to Use
First, the sounds of nature (rain, thunder / lightning, wind, woods, streams, ocean, fire) to adjust the volume of the sound of their favorite combination here.(White noise)
Use the buttons at the bottom to select the desired visual image focused on the period of time.

Button tip
Rain : energy, fatigue, serenity
Wave : hypnosis, trauma, concentration, post-traumatic stress(Various phobias)
Forest : stress, urge, anger
Space : stability, sleep disorders (insomnia, narcolepsy), distraction
Fire : vitality, depression, anger, mood swings

* The time according to the person and the sound effects, the effect of the visual image can be changed.
* This application is an auxiliary device for diverting the mind and is not a medical device.
Do not have blind faith in grave condition effects, be sure to consult your doctor.

Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound APK reviews

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Love it but wish it had a timer that could be set.
Jennifer Turner review Jennifer Turner
Awesome customization and love the visuals
karen phillips review karen phillips
Doesn't work half the time now
Please fix!!! This is the only sound app that helps me sleep!
Dustin Mylod review Dustin Mylod
A really fun app
Realy enjoyed app. Lets you create very rich sounscape. Bravo!
Sue Jenkins review Sue Jenkins
Relaxing sounds to relieve stress
Sound and visual to relieve stress excellent
Navin Kumar review Navin Kumar
घण्टा बाबा जी का बकवाश एप्प है
Does not work
Ahmed Galoul review Ahmed Galoul
Awesome App
Muuqaal Qurxoon review Muuqaal Qurxoon
I loved. It really make me cool down and helped to forget all the stresses i have and make me happy person... but am muslim person, to help problems we read the Quran. But this program is very special to memorize, to sleep, and relaxing...
Nefertiti_goddess review Nefertiti_goddess
Doesn't work properly. I think it needs to be fixed cause I Have had it installed for a long time and it sometimes stops playing can you update?
Zina De Lioncourt review Zina De Lioncourt
Refreshing! Calming! It is truly a wonderful app for stress relieving! The best! Can you please add a timer to this app so we can set it to cut off at an appointed time? Thank you! 💙
Qaisar Azam review Qaisar Azam
Its an excellent app for anxiety relief but needs improvement; app doesn't work when phone is on sleep mode.. this app should work when we dont use screen too..
Arfat Pathan review Arfat Pathan
I am Grieving bcs my mothers just passed away , this app really helps me to divid my concemtration and helped me to sleep .
A Google user review A Google user
Love it but wish it had a timer that could be set. In the screen shots, it shows icons at the bottom but I do not see those when the app is opened on my device. Is there a way to set a timer?
isty rofiah review isty rofiah
Great app!!! It is helping me to manage my stress problem!!.. Thank you.